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  1. Absolutely - especially compared to lightroom - but unfortunately not enough to replace the horrid sigma software in every sigma shooter's workflow. However it looks like Sigma is exploring DNG as an option now so it may be moot...
  2. Gents, any word on sigma support? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30464-affinity-15043-and-sigma/
  3. sd Quattro files still look muddy. (Compared to a TIF out of sigma photo pro, opened in affinity!) DP2 Quattro files look like mud too. Occasional artifacts and colour cast (again, missing from a TIF SPP->Affinity) Merrill files have a crazy colour cast As before, onedrive of raw files here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!ArciU0vVYB2QiWmyBYHTBFZ60Ee4
  4. There's 0 way to make a jpeg/png raw - that data has already been lost. However, I think what you are looking for is the photoshop .raw format - I'm assuming affinity doesn't have that. PSRaw is essentially just an array of integers, I am sure they could add it if they wanted. When you are talking to a bunch of photographers, 'raw' is always going to refer to raw camera data. PSRaw is another animal.
  5. Still waiting patiently for more sigma support; an otherwise good build though :)
  6. Thanks Chris! I have a separate thread about the sd Quattro, but those files are in the same onedrive link - the AF dot issue has been fixed (Thanks!!) but the files still render muddy/noisy compared to the sigma software. Essentially unusable
  7. It looks like most of the sigma support is still in progress, unfortunately. Given how terrible SPP is to work with, this could make affinity an instant-buy for any Sigma shooters.
  8. Oh man, if this fixes the SD Quattro problems I've been seeing, I will be a happy photographer! Now to fix the DP2 Merrill issue(colour cast) I posted and I'm off to the races! edit: the AF dots are indeed fixed, however, the images from the sd quattro are still looking very muddy/noisy (whereas a TIFF out of spp renders fine in affinity)
  9. Playing with some Merrill files and I'm seeing a crazy colour cast in affinity's develop persona. I added one of them (_SDI3587.X3F) to my Sigma issues onedrive link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!ArciU0vVYB2QiWmyBYHTBFZ60Ee4 I tried opening 3-4 others at a time and the program actually crashed.
  10. Also not on the list of fixes, but do you guys need anything else to get SD Quattro support working? I can share more files or...something,.
  11. Any word on this? Affinity is useless as part of my Sigma workflow right now (Then again, so is lightroom...)
  12. Updated the onedrive link to include a DNG I used x3f tools (x3f_extract) to create a DNG Interestingly enough, it was sharp in photoshop - but had black dots where affinity shows the purple dots. When I open the DNG in affinity, it's just a black and white scramble. Looks like the cable is out :) edit: Ah, I guess they make adobe do some of the heavy lifting, and affinity isn't prepared for that. Either way, there's a chance someone could get a DNG file that opens in photoshop but not in affinity. And here's what they said about the dots, if it helps:
  13. Mark - just want to clarify - my issue isn't just orientation, so please give my thread a look before you close me out too :)
  14. Thread is here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/28000-raw-artifacts-on-sigma-x3f-sd-quattro-files/?p=135623 File is here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!ArciU0vVYB2QiWmyBYHTBFZ60Ee4
  15. My X3F seems to have a bucket of exif data, but I'll stop hijacking this thread sorry :O
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