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  1. I usually do cut-outs in Photoshop using the pen tool by defining the shape to cutout over a mask layer then specifying the feather radius via right click options of the pen tool & filling it with the background color (Black) to hide away (mask) the selections. I find this difficult to achieve in AP where it has to be done in several steps which is quite annoying specially the feather option has to be typed over & over each time you need to apply feathering. I hope you can simplify this similar to Photoshop.
  2. 1. Lasso issues-unable to add a selection from inside a marching ant selection. 2. Should add feathering option in the the pen tool's prior to concerting a path in a selection. 3. Pen tools seems to disconnect from the main path when plotting narrow intervals.
  3. Hi MEB, I get what you mean, but its a time consuming process having to go through several steps just to mask. I work on cut-outs particularly jewelries where I have to remove their backgrounds, in Photoshop its just a matter of applying a layer mask & hide background by defining areas using either lasso or pen tool filling it with black to hide away the unwanted portions. In Affinity photo's case its counter productive, its time consuming to go through all the several process just to get something done supposed to in a matter of 1-2 seconds. The most annoying part is that the feather radius has to be re-set again & again since its not able to keep my last input values. Please also note that the masking I'm working on requires me to mask areas bit by bit as an example, like spaces between stones in a big jewelry set, opaque areas of the jewelries, hundreds sometimes thousands of them & requires precise shape selections which cannot be achieve by a selection brush tool since jewelries tends to have lots of reflection & color bleeds due to its reflective surface characteristics. I'm sure this is not just in jewelries but to anything that requires precise cutout. I hope affinity photo team will reconsider easy options for cutout like able to mask areas by just filling it with black or white either lasso or pen, also enable keeping feather radius values throughout the session. It would also be nice to have right click options for selection types specially for pen tool (i.e new, add,sub, int. also stroke, feather radius etc...) same for other tools as well. I would also like to to raise the issue regarding lasso tool where I'm not able to add selection from inside the marching ants, I checked all the possible modifiers but none of them was able to give the results needed, subtracting from inside & out works OK though. I really want to move to Affinity since Adobe is so expensive I just cant afford it and hoping affinity photo will be even better than Photoshop with the help of the all beta testers.
  4. I'm working on jewelry products. In photoshop I use to mask to remove the backgrounds (cut out) using either lasso tool or the pen tool. The usual workflow would be applying a mask to a layer, select the mask layer, make an area selection using a lasso or a pen path converting it into a selection with the specified feather radius & fill it with pure black to hide or white to reveal the masked areas. I'm not able to do that in Affinity Photo, is this possible with AP? Would really appreciate if you could kindly give an idea how to achieve this or would really appreciate adding the same feature too for easy masking of objects.
  5. 1. Right click option for pen tool to be able to specify feather radius, new, add,sub,intersect & stroke path. 2.To be able to fill selections based on the background/foreground using backspace/alt+backspace (good for precision masking selections made with marquee, pen & lasso tool. 3. To be able to reset background/foreground color to black & white using D/X keys. 4. Mask layer to appear on the right side of the masked layer not below. 5. Adjustments layers to appear on top of target layer not below offset by a few pixels to the right for visual clue. 6. Additional Smaller or bigger thumbnail size for layers options. 7. Mini size dock-able studio elements with pop-up when clicked, to give us more work-space. 8. Auto-hide/show upon hovering the persona toolbar, to give us more work-space. 9. Dock-able paint brush options. 10 Ability to create guides by dragging lines from the ruler with snap to grid options by right clicking the ruler. 11 Provide us some gradient presets on the toolbar please.... 12 A folder icon for a Group/Folder layer to distinguish it against regular layers... similar to p.s. 13 Ability to hide the bottom status bar to give us more work-space... 14. A more compact size color, swatches, foreground/background indicators lots of space wasted... 15. Better cursor indicator which tool is active like eraser, lasso, dodge, burn, etc.. most of them showing only round cursor 16. Shortcut keys for brush, clone, eraser hardness... Issues found: 1. When i have a current marquee or lasso selection, I'm not able to create a shape that i want to add or subtract from inside the current selected area instead its causing to move the marching ant... this should not behave like this, moving the selection should be accompanied by a CTRL key to avoid moving selections accidentally. 2. No gradient panel?
  6. I hope you'll reconsider adding a mirror painting feature on affinity photo :D

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