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I want to share with you this small set of pencils.

Some of these tools feature Angle (Tilt) variance but you need a tablet that support it.

Don't have so much inspiration today to add some samples, but will do it for sure later  :)


This set doesn't work on iPad because required settings are not yet there.

It will work with proper textures once the matching of iOS/Desktop version has been completed. 




Hope you'll enjoy it!

Happy sketching!




Just uploaded a v1.1 with these two new pieces 






Some things to know...


This new release works with MAS versions of Affinity range, but to have proper tilt dynamic latest Beta of AP or AD is needed.

Special thanks to Andy Somerfield for custom ramps... ;)

DAUB Pencils.afbrushes.zip

DAUB Pencils v1.1.zip

The white dog, making tools for artists, illustrators and doodlers

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Thank you!

You're all welcome!


This is a quick and dirty sample made using the 2B Shading small and 2B Sharpened




The 2B sharpened features size jitter with Angle variation, strokes are more dynamic and both sketching and results feel more "analog".

Paper texture embedded comes from an hi-res scan, made seamless to avoid tiling issues.


But now let me see some of your art pieces!

The white dog, making tools for artists, illustrators and doodlers

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Whooo... _ :) _ 

Yayyyy.... \ :D /


Thanks, this is what I needed. 

 Mac mini (late-2014), 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, Intel Iris 5100 Graphics  iPad Air 16GB White

Software I love, and you should get :wink:
Affinity Desinger - Affinity Photo - Sketch - Coda - CodeKit - iA Writer - Dropbox - 1Password


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