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  1. Actually, I reacted because I downloaded what I thought the new beta from the thread, verified, installed and backed it up. It was quite some time before the newer ´16´ thread became visible; hence the confusion.
  2. Then it should´t present itself as 15 in the thread´s title... :blink:
  3. This Beta release is stamped, not ...15.
  4. Adding to the previous instead of editing, as (I think) I found some improvement. A few distributed applications are running permanently on my Mac, taking up to 98% of processor. I don´t usually have to shut them down - they take care of themselves, including stop processing if needed. However, when running Bridge and Photoshop CS6 plus Photo Suite 9 and possibly NIK all at the same time, I do, it really makes a difference. These distributed applications have seen a major update last Wednesday. So, unlike before, I stopped them to see impact on AP: opening a RAW X-Pro1 image now is back to 22 seconds. Still an awful lot, but at least as usual. Better yet, with Apple´s RAW engine, it´s down to 10 seconds or less, depending on the picture; I have actually seen 6 seconds!!! Now I wish even more for that issue to be solved: there was no success with rendering alas, still the totally meaningless and useless canvas. Just a note on the AppStore version: that one now shows 34 seconds (not 22 anymore, nor 44) with the distributed stuff running at the same time, so I´ll definitely have to stop that from now on, alas. I can adapt to that though.
  5. I don´t know the answer to your question Joachim; I would like to see confirmation from a developer that this is the way as intended though. With the AppStore release, I use Adobe´s recommended ProPhoto RGB for all though - mainly because I´m sticking to PS at the moment - maybe try that? I don´t have any success with Apple´s RAW engine though... Probably needless to say, but just in case: everything from PS CS6, via LR 4.4, Aperture 3.6, not to mention a few other quite heavy ones, all work perfectly OK (and a lot faster) on my older iMac. Really everything, as far as I am aware of it. Just not AP.
  6. This is getting worse, must be a joke?! :( :wacko: :angry: Not by a small margin, actually 44 seconds (!!!) - instead of the usual 22 since initial 1.3.4 AppStore release. Consistently, I opened several, canceled everything, reopened, canceled, closed AP Beta, relaunched, always the same on my stopwatch. Everything using Serif Labs RAW engine. Doing the same but with Apple´s RAW engine active still takes 22 seconds ´only´, but as I don´t see anything after that, just a partial black or transparent canvas, that´s not really helpful either; see https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/14808-no-image-shows-up-after-opening-raw-file/?p=66275. Just installed Beta, after trashing the previous one completely, nothing done at all before open the files. I picked Fuji X-Pro1 files again, so that the comparison with old is actually valid.
  7. Bump... Two newer betas meanwhile: any progress on this, sometime soon?
  8. Now that´s fast! Yesterday´s ink was not even dry, so to speak. :)
  9. JasperD

    Sony A7RII raw

    The A7R II and A7S II are not on the list of supported cameras (yet) - just like the A68... Too recent I suppose, no time to cope with them so far. The A77 II is, but at a logically awkward position. I guess it will be done soon, but do not know when.
  10. JasperD

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Very nice new improvements and fixes. :)
  11. Amazing productivity again! :)
  12. JasperD

    The 'Cats"

    :) Not only the beta, the AppStore version was showing it as well. There must be something for each one, it irritated me as the cats are too slim to show the differences well, like the gears do. I agree it´s just cosmetic though. ;) Makes you wonder, what happened? I´m not aware of anything updating last night, yesterday they still were there. Is there a timer baked in making them vary?
  13. I´m not really in for a debate on RAW image editing / performance / features / quality etc... My personal take is that it´s no match to my usual tools, yet. I do hope it will become it though, up to really and totally replacing Adobe´s Photoshop CS6, ultimately. Right now, it´s not there alas. My personal deal-breakers are with RAW processing and the file sizes of the AFPHOTO file format. I always use ACR to start with, over 80% of my processing stops right there, does not see Photoshop at all. However, AP does not offer persistent savings with some small footprint ACR-like sidecar. It is already on the roadmap though, but I don´t know what approach will be taken for it. If it comes close to Adobe´s solution, the deal-breaker with the file sizes would probably vanish with it as well. For now, I have processed a few hundred RAWs with AP and doing so gave me a good idea of what I would need for diskspace to have the same comfort that I am enjoying now: 2TB external for all images (RAW and processed) would be 16TB at least, my 3TB external Time Machine backup should then be about 20TB... It is about 8.5 times more for me, the 550GB now used on my dedicated photo drive would extrapolate close to 4.6TB. That´s the deal-breaker I am talking about. Processing is a bit slowish compared to my PS, not everything is working as it should (or so I think), but will be dealt with given some time, I expect. OTOH, it is full of really brilliant features that I already do like a lot, so even if feeling more like a beta tester at the moment, I will probably continue to use it for that part of the workflow, when useful, but only as needed; not always as I hoped, far from it, I simply cannot afford that.
  14. It does not matter Joachim, don´t worry about it. Especially as in your case, you were nice enough to ask (although a bit lucky that I did). For all I care, you could continue to write in your language as you wish, you might be surprised at the number of responses you get, that notwithstanding, and from a lot of people. Reactivity could be a bit less though, so if you can and want more and faster answers, it´s usually better to try with English.
  15. JasperD

    RAW Converter

    Don´t worry, I think that you are pretty understandable, no issues.. You forgot to attach the RAWTherapy and Iridient ones, or you reached the max file size before posting. Anyway, I do not have an answer for you, don´t even mention a solution. If it´s not related to the next El Capitan, as far as AP is concerned, I think this is something by design. However, only a staff member can confirm that with certainty. Maybe someone will chime in to that effect. I´m taking advantage of this for a personal message; enjoy your break! ;)