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  1. In Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator we always had the option to change the size of your layer thumbs. I really like bigger thumbs.
  2. Hello, I bought a graphic template a while ago, it's made in Adobe Illustrator CS5+ but it doesn't play nice with Affinity Designer because of a feature called Variable Width Strokes. https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/atv/cs5-tutorials/using-variablewidth-strokes.html Is there any way to recreate this effect in Affinity Designer? Designer does open the .AI file and almost everything looks perfect but when you start scaling, horror happens. I really don't want to install a trail version of Illustrator every 30 ~ 60 days only to edit this specific template file.
  3. Hello, I just tried to create my own strokes but the problem is when you open those documents in Designer, Designer converts all those Illustrator variable width lines (strokes) to 'curves'. Now they are all solid fills instead of strokes. When you turn off the fill and +1 stroke you'll get those 'outlines' effect.
  4. How does Affinity software work with Wacom tablets? Are there any known early release bugs or is it all okay, can you increase or decrease the brush size with the scrolling wheel or is it too early for those kinda features? I like to buy a Wacom Intuos Pro medium but those tablets aren't very cheap so I like to know if I get the most out of them when using with Affinity software.
  5. For some reason my Reset Selection Box option doesn't work anymore. Yesterday it was working fine, today not anymore. I just draw stuff the vector shape with the pen tool, rotated it a little bit and now I want to reset the selection box of the object but it keeps switching back to rotated settings. Affinity Designer 1.4.2 - El Capitan
  6. Any idea about this? It's a curve with an inside stroke but for some reason the background color is shown on the outside by a very thin line. You'd think this is such a micro thin line you can barely see it on vector display but when you export this to bitmap (png) this line becomes even more visible. It's a simple rectangle with stroke inside 2px. Converted to a curve. None of the other properties have this problem, only the inside stroke.
  7. No it's not a selection stroke thingy. It's the color of the fill behind the stroke for sure. Thing is, I've never seen this happen before. I work with Designer from the very first version but this is the first time I notice it. Maybe it has something to do with me upgrading from El Capitan to OS Sierra. I read someplace it maybe could have something to do with how computers rearrange floating points. Let's say if you set a fixed number to be 10.000 the computer generaties it as 9.999 in real life. It's a bummer really, because I'd like to use this vector artwork in Sketch and when exporting it from Sketch to bitmap format it really makes this line visible and ugly.
  8. +1 for Animation. Look at this. You can have a 3500.- computer with a fancy Touch Bar that you'd like to touch more often than your girlfriend but if you can't do this with your computer/software you're not sharing a table with the cool dudes. Not even close.
  9. Okay, I didn't know that.. Thanks.
  10. Maybe this is a bit silly to ask but I'm a real fan of Lynda.com and the way they teach people how to use software with essential training video's. Is there maybe some opportunity that the Affinity people can reach out to Lynda.com and provide them with a top designer who knows Affinity Designer inside out. I would really like to have some sort of training course about this software. Tutorials are create and very helpful (thanks) but I think when you really want to start doing things right you need a solid understanding of all the settings, tools and layouts before you can start creating stuff.. I bought Affinity Designer at launch day and to be honest I haven't got the most out of it. When I see video's like this show up at Vimeo I feel like really stupid not knowing such a great feature is part of the app and I'm not using it. When someone professional teaches you all the essentials you can't miss out on these features and will never forget to use them because they become part of your workflow. Thanks, Edit; changed feature to future in topic title. Edit 2. Update, released. http://www.lynda.com/Masking-Compositing-tutorials/Affinity-Photo-Essential-Training/453344-2.html
  11. Shmoo

    I made a banner but..

    Today I made this banner but something doesn't feel right. This girl should be thinking or dreaming about a radio and a shopping cart, because she wants to start her own online shop. I feel like something is not okay in this picture. The way those items are positioned inside those thought bubbles it just doesn't feel like it. Anymore some ideas or help?
  12. Nobody bought a 12" Retina MacBook? I want one mostly for web development but I'm still curious about how affinity software would run on it. I'm so in doubt by that 1.1GHz processor. It. Just feels like very sloppy and not powerful enough. Like who would buy the 1.6GHz iMac or 1.4GHz Mac mini. Nobody wants them because you don't trust the lower processor to be build for the future.
  13. http://www.lynda.com/Masking-Compositing-tutorials/Affinity-Photo-Essential-Training/453344-2.html Boom boom - Tommy Cooper.
  14. Just bought this app, tomorrow I'll take a look at some reviews about what pen to buy.
  15. How do you draw on an iPad Air for example? Can't see myself draw with my finger on an iPad Air screen. I mean, if you own an iPad Pro + Uber fancy sexy Apple Pencil - yeah you're the cool dude on the block. Everybody wants to be your friend. When you draw on an iPad Air you're not that cool in school. ;)
  16. Holy Shmooly Batman. :ph34r: I Think I'm in :wub: with Isabel now.. lol
  17. Shmoo

    1.4.1 updates out now

    Another 'problem' on the Affinity site. When you're viewing a single blog post, you can't navigate to the blog index page via the menu on the top right side. Give it a try. Visit this link and after that you click on BLOG in the main menu. https://affinity.serif.com/blog/free-daub-vector-brush-set-for-affinity-designer/
  18. Shmoo

    1.4.1 updates out now

    Beautiful new images on the sites.. :wub: Just a tiny glitch at the designer page when it comes to columns height.
  19. When I try to export some artwork in Designer as .eps format I notice all layers (shadow) with opacity become bitmap .png layers in the exported .eps file. :wacko:
  20. Okay, thanks I didn't know that about EPS. I exported as SVG and that seem to work just fine.
  21. Update 2 Don't use it.. It's bad. Looks like there is a difference between the Mac App Store version and the Trail version you can download from the developers website. The Trail version still can compress smaller .png files while the Mac App Store version will crash as soon as your drop any .png file in the window even 2kb files. And from using it a while on Live sites on the web I can tell it really does lower the picture quality of your photo's you just have to test a few different photo's and you'll see the results. It's really bad. Developer of the app is nowhere to be reached, I've tried to mail or get in contact with him but there is no information to be found about him, not even a Twitter account. Looks like the app is just for show - fancy icon - pretty design - crappy/low quality. The ImageOptim Mac app is still the best compressor I've used for years and it's even Free to use. https://imageoptim.com
  22. I don't know if this is allowed or it will be reviewed as spam but I found something very excited to be honest and I think it could benefit a lot of us here. As a web developer I'm a huge sucker for speed and my goal is always to create websites with page-loads below a single second when possible of course. Minifying http requests, web-fonts, JavaScript, CSS and of course compressing images is always top priority for me. Good, a few days ago while browsing through the Mac App Store I saw an app called Squash.app. I took a glance at it and thought, damn that's a pretty app icon, I bet you that icon would look mega sexy at my Dock. :wub: Again, this wouldn't be the first time you'd buy an app because it has a pretty icon and the app itself is a complete horror.. I read the app description and my first opinion was, well for compressing images ? do you really need an 7.99 app for that? I still was stil using the Free ImageOptim.app for a few years now and it's doing the job, right. Today, out of the blue, I noticed the app was discounted I guess because right now it's available for only 2.99 - that pulled me over the edge to take a risk and I bought it anyway. After a few tests - I don't know.. I'm kinda surprised to see the difference in results when you compress .jpg files. I had a huge panorama mountain picture in some folder I knew that I ( myself ) had never touched before and I made 3 copies and run it through each compressing apps to see the difference in results and I was kinda shocked. Default image - 12.8mb ImageOptim - 11.6mn Squash - 2.5mb Seriously, I couldn't believe this.. The difference is huge, I mean this is like someone who's trying to sell you a brand new iPhone 6 for 199.-. Too good to be true, right, so I opened them full screen and seriously I can't see one picture lacking quality from another. I don't have the best monitor in the world but hey, there is a difference between 12.8 and 2.5mb. I don't know why this relative new Squash app can compress .jpg images so much because .png and .gif files it's about the same ( just not as good ) as ImageOptim. I don't have any connection with this app or the developer, that's why I will post my 12.8mb test image here so you guys can do the test yourself - even run some of your own images through the app to see the results for yourself. Download my test image: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75896077/default_mountains.jpg.zip The app also has a trail version for 3 days at their website. http://www.squishformac.com This is the free app I have been using in the past few years. https://imageoptim.com
  23. Affinity Designer and Photo for iPad Pro :yay: Affinity Designer and Photo for iPad :please no: Still I'm not totally sold for that new iPad Pro, it looks great with a pencil and keyboard but still a huge concern for me is - it's still just iOS on a bigger screen + no Intel chip. In the end it will just not touch the MS Surface quality I think, while it will have the same price tag of course because it's Apple.
  24. I won't switch back to something else but I understand what you're saying. Most people here are asking for features like Artboards and whatnot. I personally think the developers could better work at 3 major 'improvements' updates in the months to come before starting adding new features and functions to the core. I mean, if you read a single review online about Affinity software changes are they are positive and they should be but within the first 10 lines of each review you'll see the software get compared to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.. Yes they have a similar tool sets and you can do almost the same things but - boy if you're starting working with Affinity software and you've had some years with Adobe under year belt, you will notice how improved Adobe software really is based on usability. There are lot's of small usability features in Adobe software most of us probably never notice and take for granted - until you switch to some other software and this software doesn't have this easy to use settings or features. Only than you'll understand how solid software made by Adobe really ( after so many years ) is from the ground up. It's not only features and getting the job done faster each year by Adobe but there are lots of very tiny small things that make it so easy to use. I don't wanna say anything bad about Affinity software I really like what I got this far and I can understand the software is still very new and needs to mature over time. But when I select an opacity input field and drop the value from 100 to 60% with my keyboard arrow keys I expect the jump/toggle to the next input field when I press the Tabs key on my keyboard not just deselect the window i'm working in. Those are very tiny things that doesn't work but should work in any software today, even Pages and Numbers can do stuff like that. I'm confident the developers will all fix those things in the years to come I just wished more people would really like to see those smaller bugs and improvements get fixed first before asking for new features and whatnot.

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