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  1. Hi, I remember finding the answer a while ago but I cannot find it again. When you break a curve, you get two vertices instead of one. How can you select the one under ? If I remember well, there is a trick for that. Thanks.
  2. Hi Gabe Sorry for the late reply. I just tested in the 1.8.3 version. Seems to be the same but after several tests, I can tell that the crop dimensions are changed depending of the image layout. For example the Insta portrait cropping preset (1080x1350) will become automatically 1350x1080 on a landscape layout photo. I can understand the logic behind but it should be possible to specify that the chosen dimensions are absolut, not dependant of the image format. Thanks for the follow up on that.
  3. Hi I created presets for Instagram cropping, one in landscape mode, the other one in portrait (1080 x 566 & 1080 x 1350). If I use one format, the other one got its dimensions exchanged. For example, if I use portrait, the landscape format becomes 566 x 1080.
  4. Sorry, my bad. I didn't notice you were using the Windows version.
  5. The images you took as an example are pretty dark, it can explain why you see a big difference, the camera trying to generate a more balanced jpg. You can also try to change the RAW engine in "View > Assistant Manager..." and change the RAW engine from Serif Labs to Apple and reopen your files to see if the default development is different.
  6. Hello Colin, The jpg image is already processed inside the camera from the raw version, following the settings defined by the manufacturer. The RAW file contain much more information but what you see when you open it, it's a flat version of the image it contains and through the develop persona, you'll define how you want it to be processed by Affinity (contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc.). You have a list of videos tutorials with a complete section for RAW development.
  7. Hi Sharkey May be you should create a brush of the signature and apply it in your macro.
  8. Hi Steve You can use the USB cable you had with your camera but if you want to be more comfortable, you'll need a longer one, 5m max. The official one from Canon is the USB IFC-500U. It's USB to mini-USB type B. On the computer you'll need an application which is able to manage the tethering. AP cannot. Capture One can and I think Lightroom too.
  9. Hi st87 If snapping is active, you'll have a little attraction on the edges while moving your cropping frame.
  10. Yep, would be great. Another useful feature would be the possibility to rename a spare channel by double clicking on it instead of right click / rename.
  11. Ok, I see. Sorry, I never used PS Glad Alfred offered a suitable solution though.
  12. Hi Yurii Create a pixel layer and fill it with the bucket.
  13. Yep. Being able to save profiles as presets or to copy from one layer to another would be great.
  14. Hi I had the occasion to work on some photos yesterday night with the 1.6.6 version of AP on Mac and I had several crashes. I cannot give a specific manipulation to reproduce it, it wasn't complicated retouching, just few layers, few adjustments. It always happened when operating a change on the layer panel though, changing a visibility, adding a layer,... I transfered all the crash reports to Apple. I noticed it just because version 1.5 was very stable for me. Tx
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