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  1. It’s an issue that’s doesn’t appear to being addressed for windows 10 users. I’ve had my 77D for nearly 12 months and being using Affinity since December 2017. Oddly enough if you get an iPad version of Affinity, everything works as it should do. Come on Affinity, you’re letting down your Canon Windows users, please could you address this issue.
  2. Hi All, Thanks for all your responses. I went back to the camera and decided to look at what I could do with the settings to try and address the issues. So Ive switched the camera into ADOBE RGB and the colours are now showing up when I import them into Affinity. I will have to wait for another sunset to see if I can edit them more easily.
  3. For some reason I can't change the settings away from Serif. That's the only option it will allow me to have.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look at the vidoes, but I'm left scratching my head, as I loaded a raw file from 2008 taken on a canon 350D and it loaded in full colour. But i'll try the videos for advice.
  5. In October I replaced my trusty Canon 40D with a Canon 77D and I bought Affinity as an alternative Photoshop, as my version would not open the Canon 77D raw files without a purple layer. I've not really used Affinity in processing RAW images until these last few days whilst I've being on holiday for the festive period. Now I've noticed there seem to have an issue when importing the Raw files into Affinity, all the colour seems to be missing, or washed out. Even the histograms are different. I'm using the camera to take both RAW and Large JPG images. I've attached some images to show what I mean. I've looked at other threads but all the things it suggests I've not being able to make a difference to the RAW import. Any help on this issue would be greatly received. Im more than happy using the JPG's but I would like to edit the RAW images with the colours in which they were actually shot.
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