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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for your quick response. Man, I was pulling out my hair. I confirm that it as an image layer, and it changed to a pixel layer after rasterizing. It then allowed me to delete selections as I would normally expect.
  2. Okay this is ridiculous. Maybe I'm using it wrong. So in my document, I have a layer from a scan. I'm trying to crop off the edges, so with the layer selected, I use the marquee tool to select an area. I press (fn + backspace) on my macbook (which is equivalent to the del key), and the whole layer gets deleted!! What the hell??
  3. Thanks guys. Rotation was 0ยบ and aligned was ticked at least during that second time when it was successful. I'll keep this in mind for future references. Cheers.
  4. Hmm no I don't see any options that is obvious. However I had to reopen the document and to my shock, it works as expected. No more curly erratic and unpredictable cloning reference. Very weird. Bug?
  5. Okay, so I have a general concept about what it does, but I can't really follow or appreciate its behaviour. When I press alt, and select a spot to clone, and as I drag the cursor to clone an entire sweep, how come it doesn't follow the trajectory of my cursor movement? So say, I want to clone an entire horizontal line about 50 px above. I hold alt, and select the start of the line from the left. I then release alt, and place my mouse where to start, and start dragging in a straight line towards the right. The crosshair indicating where it's cloning, rather than following the straight line per my mouse movement, starts dropping (note, my cursor is NOT drooping), to the extent that it actually CROSSES over my cursor from the top to the bottom. I don't understand it. Why doesn't it just follow the direction that I'm headed? I can't find any logic in the tool's behaviour. Am I using it wrong or is there an option that I should select that I don't know of? Cheers.
  6. Okay, new problem. I have a custom brush that is pointing straight down. I want to angle it like a forward slash. The rotation tool only goes from 0 to 50% (seriously, percentage?!) which translates to swinging the brush to the opposite direction. How to I put in, say a "-20%"? Doesn't seem to support negative numbers. Seriously, why only swing in one direction, and why call an angle as a percentage? Hope there's a fix for this!
  7. OMG thank you so much. Any reason why this is not shown by default? I was on the verge of ripping my hair out.
  8. I am going insane with AP tonight. For some reason, I CANNOT locate the window that shows me all the dfferent brush tips. All I get is the "Brush Selection" tool. But how do I select the freaking tips??
  9. Also, after exiting the live lighting adjustments, there seems to be no way to get back in to make further adjustments? Please tell me that I'm just not looking hard enough...
  10. Hey, you guys have got to add a level of undo on the LIve Lighting feature. I love the idea, but I've been attempting 10 times and I'm getting absolute ape-sh*t over here. What happens is, any slip of the mouse or tablet, the whole thing goes to sh*t and collapses into a straight line and I have to pretty much start over again. Please, make undo work for the last movement of those markers!!
  11. Hi, I appreciate AP's freedom when cropping, but for idiots like me, is there a way to activate some form of restrictions so that the cropping frame does not exceed the confines of the actual image? I'm sure there's a way, right?
  12. Thanks MEB. I really appreciate your honest response. Overall, I have wasted an hour of hair pulling over this; more so had you not come back to tell me that I'm chasing a carrot that didn't exist. I then went back to Photoshop and did everything I wanted in under 10 mins. Please pass this over to the development team.
  13. ... is there actually a solution to this, or is this a bug? Is it a problem with my technique? Are my expectations too high? Is there a genuine defficiency with the tool itself? I can't believe it can be so bloody hard!!
  14. Thanks. That definitely worked. I hate to keep bombarding you, but I feel like I'm about to smash my computer with a baseball bat soon. I appreciate AP's nature of doing everything in a non-destructive manner, but this is really affecting my productivity here. So trying to edit the mask layer, it turns out I don't like the exposure and I want to wash it out more by adjusting the brightness/contrast. So having no option to directly tweek the mask layer (i.e. the black and white image), all I could do was to create a brightness/contrast adjustment layer underneath the mask layer. Now I have the following problem: - If I hold option and click the mask layer, I see the grey scale image I want to edit, but I lose the brightness/contrast adjustment dialog. - If I double click the brightness/contrast adjustment layer, I get the dialog box back up, but I lose the view of my mask. ARGHHHHH!!!! Why is this so difficult??? I need a way to see that greyscaled mask image WHILE using the brightness/contrast adjustment dialog!
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