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  1. Hello, after I updated my 1.67 to 1.7 via Mac App store, 1.7 beta stopped working and is asking for product key, which I dont have since I purchased AP via app store. Is there an option to extract brushes that I used in beta? Or somehow launch beta at this stage?
  2. There you go Screen_Recording_2018-10-27_at_12_28.22_PM.mov
  3. Thank you for your input! I quit all the apps and menubar items and it did not change a thing i performance in the same file! Then I tried to copy layers piece by piece to a new document, eventually, what turned out to be slowing things was Gaussian Blur live filter - after I rasterized it, things started to work smoothly - on and off works as before etc. So I guess live filters are not optimized for OpenGL or Metal in Mojave. When 1.7 is due by the way? Thank you everyone for you help!
  4. Tried to switch to all available options, performance is the same on all of them.
  5. There you go! Screen_Recording_2018-10-26_at_8_44.10_AM.mov
  6. Its happening with all files, just yesterday added simple 1080 png image on top of each other, tried to align and it was painfully slow even at that point. Maybe you want to see a video screenshot? At least that I can do with Mojave
  7. This is what I have at the moment, it very slow, even when I try to hide a layer I see squares slowly disappearing and no Im not doing any batch jobs, if by batch you mean postproduction on many different images at the same time.
  8. Hello, I'm experiencing a poor graphics performance after upgrading to Mojave, tried switching from OpenGL to Metal, which didn't do a trick and then switched back. Are anyone experiencing similar sluggishness? And maybe somebody can tell me ways to work around it? Thank you!
  9. Im using Material IDs (colour map of textures) a lot when selecting some particular objects and therefore Flood selection tool is the only option, at the first glance it seems fine, selecting all the matching colours etc. After I apply texture/colour/adjustment all the flaws can be seen, therefore workaround for me for past couple of months has been magic wand tool in PS. If devs could take a look into this and fix it in near updates I would greatly appreciate it. Attached below is comparison between results when using PS & AP, makes quite a difference. Make sure you click on that image to see it in 100%, also refining selection makes things even worse.
  10. Is there a place I can request Serif team to take a closer look on that Antialias feature? So, maybe they could try and make it to work the way it works on Mac?
  11. Thanks, but pencil tool takes a whole lot of effort to use, I thought maybe there could be a faster way with the same precision.
  12. @Paul Mudditt thank you so much for your help, but I still haven't figured it out. So, to clarify, I'm an architectural visualisation artist, and I use cutout people a lot. SO, I just wanted to try to cut them out myself using iPad and Affinity, but no matter how I try to cut things out, it gives me that jagged edge all around, which I have a hard time figuring out how to solve. Attached is whole dude, that I used for testing purposes, hope you can achieve a better result. Also, there is no problem with cutting things out using AP on desktop or PS on desktop, those apps somehow feather all the cutouts automatically and without my need to be involved. img_9485.afphoto
  13. Both of those images are zoomed 100% by the way. And the thing is, I really want to use free hand selection tool, because it gives me the best control over the stuff that I want to cut out.
  14. How to achieve this kind of smoothness though?
  15. Ok, this image I tried to cutout using AP on iPad using free hand selection tool - AA is ON and there is 3pix feather applied.