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  1. maxserpentini

    AD | Image Oversaturated / too Bright + Colour Loss

    Hi Chris, Thanks for your response. Yes, Cropping an object caused a blend issue in the past however, My last saved document from a previous version of AD was accurate and I could open the Document within that version of AD at the time. AD 1.5.5 opened these older documents with incorrect colours. I've yet to test other documents but so far, this happened on 2 of them. Did I make an error in saving these older versions as I was just learning AD at the time? Re-applyng these blends to documents I made years ago on past files seems time consuming. How Can I prevent this from happening in the future? Thanks Chris.
  2. maxserpentini

    AD | Image Oversaturated / too Bright + Colour Loss

    HI Chris. Thanks for your response. The files are uploaded. I've included: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 AD Files. 2 Separate projects in which the same issue occurred. I've also included the eps export versions from last year to show how the colour should look. Thanks for looking into this. Max
  3. I opened several Designer Projects from a year ago or so and they didn't open / look how they should. They look oversaturated / bright and the colour is different from the original. The first screen Capture is an eps output of the original showing how the colours should be. The Second Capture is current designer project open with incorrect colours / brightness etc. I tried different colour profiles but didn't work to restore them. This has happened in the past. Why is this happening? Instead of explaining this, let me show you screenshots. Max
  4. Thanks MBd. That's good to know this feature is a possibility in the future, that they're aware of it.
  5. Hello, Currently, I"m drawing / Sketching by hand on paper, scanning them and importing into Inkscape which automatically traces / converts my drawing into a vector. I import that into affinity designer and continue working on the image. Can Affinity Designer turn Bitmap / pixel images / drawings - into vectors automatically like inkscape can ? Thanks Max
  6. maxserpentini

    DAUB Pencils

    Success! (imported and visible) Thanks for the brushes!
  7. maxserpentini

    DAUB Pencils

    There brushes were sucessfuly into Affinity Designer imported but I don't see / cannot find them even after re-booting designer. Is there a trick to getting imported brushes to show up? This is my first attempt at importing brushes :) Thanks

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