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Affinity Designer is supported by a comprehensive set of video tutorials, produced in-house by the Documentation team!


The video tutorials are available on Vimeo and YouTube via these links:


Vimeo: https://affin.co/DesignerVids

YouTube: https://affin.co/designeryt


The tutorial set includes:


1. Getting Started


•        Discover Affinity Designer

•        For Beginners

•        For Beginners Too

•        Using the Help System

•        CMYK Setup

•        Designing from a Sketch

•        New from Clipboard

•        Actual Size Zoom

•        Editing PDF Text

•        Using the Grade UI Kit



2. Artboards


•        Artboards: Basics

•        Artboards: Exporting and Printing

•        Artboards: Colour and Opacity

•        Artboards: From Content

•        Artboards: Design Aids


3. Drawing Lines and Shapes


•        Pen Power

•        Shapes

•        Convert to Curves

•        Corner Tool

•        Drawing Perfect Triangles

•        Stylish Strokes: Textured Lines

•        Stylish Strokes: Dashed Lines


4. Colour and Opacity


•        Complex Gradients

•        Adjusting Noise and Opacity in Fills

•        Transparency Tool

•        Changing Colours

•        Blend Modes

•        Colour Picker Tool (1.5)

•        Colour Palette from Document

•        Colour Palette from Image (1.5)

•        Pantone Colours

•        Global, Spot and Overprint Colours

•        Quick Opacity Setting


5. Layer control


•        Layers Panel

•        Lock Children


6. Object control


•        Selecting, Finding and Isolating Objects

•        Rotation Point: Overview

•        Rotation Point: Worked Example

•        Vector Scaling Options


7. Symbols and Assets


•        Symbols (1.5)

•        Assets (1.5)


8. Painting


•        Shading Using Raster Brushes

•        Adding Raster Texture


9. Text


•        Artistic, Frame and Shape Text

•        Text on a Path: Overview

•        Text on a Path: Worked Example

•        OpenType Typography


10. Media


•        Using Raster Images in a Composition

•        Film Noir Style Illustration


11. Saving, exporting and sharing


•        Save History

•        Soft Proofing

•        Exporting

•        Exporting: Layers

•        Exporting: Slices

•        Exporting: Continuous

•        Exporting: Automatic Directory/Folder Creation (1.5)

•        Exporting: Multiple Outputs from a Single Slice (1.5)

•        Exporting: Transparent and Coloured Backgrounds (1.5)

•        Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts


12. Design Aids


•        Constraints: Overview (1.5)

•        Constraints: Worked Example for Web Design (1.5)

•        Snapping and Dynamic Guides (1.5)

•        Snapping: Candidates (1.5)

•        Snapping: Object Creation (1.5)

•        Snapping: UI and Web Design (1.5)

•        View Modes and Split View

•        New View

•        View Points

•        Grids: Icon Design

•        Grids: Floor Plans

•        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 1 (Single Planes)

•        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 2 (Multiple Planes)

•        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 3 (Layers and Compounds)

•        Grids: Coloured Lines (1.5)


If you'd like to comment on anything related to this tutorial set, please reply to this pinned topic.


Have fun with Affinity Designer!


Best regards

Andy Capstick

Documentation Manager

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Affinity Designer 1.4 Video Tutorial update


​Very excited to announce the video tutorial set to accompany the Affinity Designer 1.4 launch. As ever, please let us know if you are enjoying the tutorials and provide feedback if you think it necessary. 


The video tutorial set..


•        Artboards: Basics

•        Artboards: Exporting and Printing

•        Artboards: Colour and Opacity

•        Pantone Colours

•        Global, Spot and Overprint Colours

•        Rotation Point: Overview

•        Rotation Point: Worked Example

•        View Points

•        New from Clipboard



Best wishes from the Affinity documentation team!  

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Hi brunhilda,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

You seem to be doing it right but you have only repeated it three times in the second case which is not enough to see the spiral pattern appearing. It also depends on how much you rotated the original shape. The bigger the rotation, the quicker you will see the spiral pattern being generated. Try to rotate the star to 330º (keep it closer to the original object too).


The only thing you need to pay attention is to NOT deselect the shape while you are applying transforms. So you have to duplicate the original shape, scale it down, rotate the shape and press ⌘ (cmd)+J without ever deselecting the object.

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I love the videos. but is there a searchable manual? the videos are great but when I forget how something is done I need something I can quickly search and refresh my memory without going back to watching the whole tut. I DO need the video tut for learning. LOVE that you do this. just need somekinda quick reference and maybe what would really be great is some kinda keyword reference? 

for example you use "nodes" instead of points for the editable parts of a vector. Theres a few other things you say differently than what Im used to and Im happy to adapt...just think some kinda quick glance chart or something as a refresher would be awesome. maybe you have that already..just point me to it!



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I love the videos. but is there a searchable manual?




I would recommend the Help system as this comprehensively covers all of Designer's features and is fully searchable.


This can be accessed from within the app, simply go to the Help menu and type your keywords into the Search field. Please allow a few seconds after typing for the full results to show.


Alternatively, select Affinity Designer Help from the Help menu to browse and search the Help system directly.


If you can't find anything in there or feel areas are inadequately covered, please let us know and we'll do our best to update it.



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My name is Mano Brito and I wonder how can I do in affinity designer a plan to print with mounting multiple cards with cut marks.

The attached file was made in illustration the following steps:
rectangle> 3mm offset paths> crop marks> dulpicação an A4 plan
I wonder how I can also do "Offset Path"?
I appreciate if I can help.
Best and thanks

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I've just bought a copy of Affinity Designer (I'm moving away from Adobe Illustrator) and am going to work through these tutorials. Thank you very much for putting them together here. From a quick play around in AD, everything seems very intuitive and I'm sure I'll feel right at home very soon.

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Hi rushingabout,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Just drag the picture's layer over the text or shape object's layer in the Layers panel. 

Alternatively select the picture, copy it to the clipboard (menu Edit ▸ Copy), select the shape or text object then go to menu Edit ▸ Paste Inside.

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Love the videos.  I have a hard time finding information I want though in the Forums.  I am trying to figure out if there is a way to take an object is twist it into like a cylinder shape.  In other words, I and trying to take one object and twist it around another.  Is there a tool to do that in Affinity Designer or Photo?





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First of all thanks for the tutorials. I find them very useful as when working on a project, I'll play the appropriate tutorial to help me achieve the desired effect. To make my life somewhat easier ( along with bandwidth savings), rather than streaming the tutorials I've made use of the download option. Have the Design Aids Tutorials had the download option disabled? I keep getting a "Sorry, we couldn't find that page" error for each.






Edited to add - working now. Thanks.

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Hi. I have a comment about ease of access to tutorials.


I've seen pages like https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/designer/and https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10119-in-house-affinity-photo-video-tutorials/. But I'm looking for something else: more text that I can read. The tutorials I've checked have been videos. I know that designers like visual presentations. But I like to be able to search for text, scan through lists or info quickly -- not have to replay a video to find a particular bit of information. For instance, I might have questions like:

  • "Someplace is the button/menu item/etc. that does XYZ. Which is it?"
  • "What does this ABC menu item / button / dialog do again?"
  • "I remember that I can do XYZ, but I can't remember how to do it. Do I have to watch endless videos to find out?"

As an extreme example, imagine a language dictionary that is only available as a video. Let's say you want to find the definition and/or synonyms of a word/concept. You have to either play the whole video or try to scroll through it on the video player timeline and hope you get lucky finding what you need. It'd be even worse if the dictionary were split into multiple videos.


So I'm suggesting that you make the tutorials "text-friendlier" for people who need or prefer that way of getting info. Ideally, you'd do this as you produce the video. Otherwise, you might at least retro-fit it... for instance, you might:

  • Put the script used to make the video (the written words) onto a web page. Link each section of the script to the point on the video that shows it. For instance, if the section on doing XYZ is at 3 minutes 45 seconds into the video, make a link to something like http://path/to/video?start=3:45
  • Make a series of bulleted/numbered lists that do the same thing.

Thanks from a long-time computer user who is used to reading things and looking at illustrations, not watching endless videos.


P.S. The Help page https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?app=core&module=helphas a lot of missing icons at the left edge of the list.

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A written step-by-step description of some of the more complex videos would be nice.  There are times when I wind up doing multiple pauses while I write down what is happening in Step 13, 15, etc.

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