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  1. Wow! Great job! Thank you for sharing your experience of AD :)
  2. Hey Sean, Just look at this screencast - Tried to reproduce with objects as shapes and as curves. Hope it's obvious. Illustrator doesn't have such problem, I checked.
  3. After the expected result if I ungroup the objects and group them once more time - wrong selection box will reproduced again. I think the problem is in rotation.
  4. Steps to reproduce: 1. Draw some objects 2. Select all objects 3. Rotate the objects in any way 4. Press Command+G or right click and "Group" in context menu Actual result: Selection box of grouped objects is wrong. Expected result: Right result we can see if we group the objects before rotating them.
  5. Maybe this way helps you for now - comments)
  6. The way to offset for now -
  7. +1 for offset feature, guys! I found the way how to produce "offset path" in AD for now:
  8. Thanks for feedback, Chris_K!
  9. Hello! When I try to delete the fill from palette - nothing happens. So I can't delete colours that I added a moment ago. That's important. Please mark this problem in your backlog. I made a screen recording for better understanding - Hope you fix it in near future. Thanks in advance! Affinity rules! P.s. version 1.4, not beta
  10. Enrique Figueroa, please let me know the news about your cartoon character book for AD. I'm so excited to buy and read it :)
  11. +1 The same topic -
  12. Wow! Thanks for this hint, Hokusai.
  13. Thank you so much for having all main tutorials in one place! ;)
  14. +1 Please add a shortcut for eyedropper. It will be insanely handy for users!
  15. Thank you, Dave, for your meaningful response and support in this topic of EPS10. However, you rules ;)