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  1. Ok Thank you. I have created the logo in both pdf and SVG. I give my clients all the different file types. Thanks for your help. Geoff
  2. I am also open to any suggestions on where there might be some good videos on how to use Affinity Photo and Designer.  I have been out of the Creating side of things for a long time, so I'm relearning this all over again.  Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated.


  3. The MCC is the one I am told was pixilated, with the blue lettering. The other image is the new image I created with a different font at 11 X 2.5 inch size. Logo I believe, or I am creating for both web and print. Thanks Geoff
  4. I have created it in both Designer and Photo, but since is it is just text Designer seems to be the more logical program. I was trying to make the logo big 5000px x 250px so that it didn't need to be enlarged. I think it may have been the font type I was using that was creating the problem. I am not sure. I created a new one with a different logo using 11in x 2.5 in (again rectangle in shape) and that seemed to not pixelize. I've attached the original one I created and I attached the new one. I'd appreciate any feedback as to if the new one looks ok. The original with pixelation is the MCC Logo and the new one is just Culinary. Geoff
  5. I am creating a simple logo it is just text surrounded by an outlined box. After I created it and sent it to my client, he said it is pixelated. When I view it doesn't look pixilated. What am I doing wrong? It is a rectangle shape so the pixel size I created is about 5000px by about 250px. Still can't get away from the pixilation. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I created something in Affinity Design and then exported it as a jpeg. Where i had the Affinity Design file saved got corrupted so I can't access it. Is it possible to get the different layers back from a .jpeg? Thanks, geoff
  7. thanks, not sure if that will help with what I am trying to do. But I appreciate the information for other projects. thank you for taking the time.
  8. Love the videos. I have a hard time finding information I want though in the Forums. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to take an object is twist it into like a cylinder shape. In other words, I and trying to take one object and twist it around another. Is there a tool to do that in Affinity Designer or Photo? Thanks, Geoff
  9. Does anyone know if there is a way to wrap an image around another image. For instance I have an image of musical notes on a music scale that I want to wrap around a violin. Any ideas on how this can be done in Photo or Designer? Thanks, Geoff
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