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  1. have tried several times, cannot download latest beta update .91 of my Beta version of photo it just returns setup failed. I am running the latest purchased program .703 Shall I just wait for another update or reinstall the Beta version.
  2. Using Affinity Publisher recently noticed that if I select Print from the File dropdown the resulting print takes on a black cast over the entire page. I think this mainly occurs when I have pasted .png clipart from elsewhere. It looks OK on the screen. If I export as a .pdf (flattened )the screen version is OK and the resulting print is OK. Question: Why does the APub version place a Black cast over the printed version? Also if I export to other formats on screen it places a black cast as well
  3. Not got the hang of forums, but have used the suggestions and the grid is centred using pica units being an old compositor
  4. Thank you I have now found this and are using it practically.
  5. I have noticed when opening a grid on a publisher page it is not centred on that page, using any one of the measurement options, i.e. millimeters, inches, picas. This means the grid squares are not equal each side of the centre line. Which makes it a bit pointless when it comes to helping with design. Is there a way round this.
  6. it worked on a lot of the text boxes but not all, thank you. it seems now to box around different fonts or other changes. it's a start. Thank You.
  7. On the .pdf to affinity progs: I transferred an old PagePlus file to .pdf and then into Publisher. Trouble was all my text boxes separated paragraphs and in some cases single lines in a paragraph so that had to be edited singularly. I tried cut and paste into a new text box but it was a nightmare.PP had a WritePlus option where you could edit the whole article. Would be nice in APub. Also AutoJustify was a great feature to make an article fit the frame. I did round off the resulting font-size and spaced accordingly, afterwards.
  8. You can add the hyperlink after exporting to PDF. I would suggest highlighting the text in blue in Apub which will make it easier to find and add the hyperlink in PDF. Apologies if this has been already been answered
  9. I think it would be a good idea to make the wrap setting more visible as it makes it hard work looking for it. Assuming, of course, you have added this essential feature to AD. Would be silly to think you haven't, wouldn't it.?
  10. I cannot install the papers or the palletes or Ui which is just a file of 3 designs.
  11. Thanks, but I cannot find a video for this normal dtp action. One would just normally Right click an object or text frame and select Wrap Settings. Job done. I seem to be completely unable to find this simple design effect instruction in AD, Do the fancy stuff alright, but not the basic design function.
  12. Where is text wrap a most important part of design. Pushing a picture into a frame text so the type wraps round it. Most brochures leaflets use this tool but I cannot find it in AD it is in PagePlus and DrawPlus so why not AD. It was especially useful for drop caps in Drawplus.
  13. Is it safe to uninstall Affinity designer Beta? as when I tried to install the freebies they launch the beta version instead of the full version. When I went to uninstall the beta version is 1.23gb but the full version is only 630mb
  14. new download is working OK speed wise now. I would like though that processing a picture should be easier for first adjustments.
  15. My AP is taking to long to make basic adjustments (Hue, Colour, Curve and Level, etc.) Sometimes even just loading these adjustment panels. I am using jpeg straight from camera in most cases so sometimes the image size could be quite large 60x40ish 72 dpi. But even when finished and trying to save all the programme just will not finish. I have to abandon.
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