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  1. I get what you are saying. but most design is not done for print. I would expect affinity publisher to behave like word or quark. I would expect a design tool to behave like a multimedia (not print) design tool. Im used to doing things fast and changing the size of the artboard, page or what-have-you quickly is a plus. why would I use a photo adjustment tool to create vector art?
  2. Just started using Sketch a few months ago out of frustration with affinity. It also has been giving some problems as of the last update. Sketch says they are working on it and Im confident. Im using both, in addition to one other, because one or the other is seriously lacking in one way or the other. Id like to see affinity win the race just because it has so many more features than sketch. But I need my pages and some things in affinity you have to work twice as hard to do than in any other program. Hoping its just growing pains and they will get the home run. I think affinity might one day be able to out pace the greedy adobe corporation whom I am currently boycotting.
  3. The crop tool seems not to work properly. In any other program I have I can select the crop tool and select the area of the canvas I want to crop to the image. This is extremely important and efficient way of cropping an image just the way I want it. Done in 5 seconds. In other tools I can also preset the size of the crop tool then move it around the canvas before deciding where I want the final image and canvas to be cut. In affinity whenever I grab the crop tool and attempt to drag across the canvas the image moves. why would I want the image to move across the canvas with a cropping tool????? It seems I have to guess what size I want the document to be, resize the doc and hope it didnt cut the image where I wanted to keep it. If it didnt resize where I wanted I have to undo, move the image and try again. this is terrible. I saw some video that suggests the cropping tool isn't really for cropping but instead its a non-destructively way of popping an image into a bounding box. we call that masking in other applications not cropping. An alternate way of putting an image into a preset box is to copy image and paste into the box. Said image can then still be moved around. Again, not called cropping. Cropping is selecting and cutting. I hope fixing this crop tool and having it actually do what it should do is on the map. As it is I have to do twice the work to get the same result I can get in 5 seconds in any other program. Its actually so much of a pain that I have to keep going back to other programs when my goal has been to port my work to affinity. So far, keep running into stumbling blocks like this. Love you affinity. But should not be this hard to do such simple things. A great application makes your job easier. Not harder.
  4. Is there a tutorial for creating bump maps and normal maps with affinity? Photoshop has easy menu items but I dont see the equivalent in affinity, or its called something I do not understand, or Im a blind bat, looked right at it and did not see how to do it. Or, all of the above.
  5. So what Ive been doing is exporting my fireworks vectors to illustrator files. opening in illustrator, exporting as SVG. then opening the SVG in affinity and saving as an affinity file. Most of the time my vectors are preserved with this process. But sometimes something goes wonky and Ill end up with crazy bitmaps. Thank you all for your tips. Some of these things I had already tried among others. Exporting to PSD does not always result in editable vectors remaining editable. In the same file two identical vector objects might exist, one will have remained editable the other not. Lots of trial and error. everything must be ungrouped. You never know when an applied filter will cause a problem. This is I think a problem with the legacy fireworks application. But Im not certain. I was not aware that tiffs maintained layers. I thought this would result in a flat file. But will admit Ive rarely used tif as a file format. Ill explore. thank you! I was not familiar with the term vector tracing. Ill google that. thank you! However, if anyone knows of a program that works on an imac that would be helpful. Not sure what pixel persona is as so many things in affinity are not defined or located in ways Im used to finding things. But Ill defo check that out. Thank you! Exporting to EPS from fireworks and opening in Affinity was an epic fail. Ditto for PDF. did not end up with editable anything. theoretically should have worked. But I believe the failure is in fireworks. I had considered renting adobe fireworks CS6 for this process but they do not allow it anymore. In fact refused to allow anyone to purchase it even when it was available. All a part of Adobes master plan for forcing people into subscriptions where you cant even rent just what you need. You have to pay for everything. Loved adobe for 17 years. Cant even tell you how much I hate adobe now. Seriously hope affinity never becomes like that. f only Id kept a machine running an older OSX this whole process would be easier. Alas we got no warning that our software would no longer work if we upgraded. Anyway...loving Affinity designer and photo today! Using my FW to SVG process I salvaged a lot yesterday. Took me 9 hours to save all the "pages" from just 2 fireworks files. Thank fully did not lose any of the layers. Some filters will need to be applied. Gradients need to be redone. but editability was there for the most part. Thank heavens for SVG! If only fireworks CS4 could go right to SVG! Would totally love to skip the whole illustrator step.
  6. I am desperately trying to save my work which is being lost due to fireworks being abandoned by photoshop. There are no adobe programs to open the work in and save. So Im bitterly trying to save what I can and redo whatever cant be ported over intact to affinity. As expected, when I bring any formerly editable vectors into affinity from fireworks the vectors open as bitmaps. So I need to recreate. I get that. Im trying to recreate without reinventing the entire wheel point by point. But I can't find a simple process in affinity that adobe has. Possible it does not exist. OR, my hope is that its just me not understanding the vastly different ways affinity seems to do anything. so here is what I want to do and how I used to do it in adobe: In adobe applications you can use the magic wand to select an area around an object, invert selected (so now the selection wraps the object instead of the space around the object), and next I would then convert selected outline of the object to an editable path. I cant find any equivalent of a magic wand in affinity. and I cant find anything that takes a selection and converts it to a path. If there is a way please help. If not let me know and I will go beg for a feature.
  7. I have to say working with fills and gradients is one of the most frustrating things in Affinity. I spent hours trying to figure this all out. Finally came here. like Stokestack had no idea what some folks were saying because when I was IN the gradient fill tool there were no control handles to pull as they suggested. It was not until someone said you have to ALSO go click fill in the regular tool bar that I understood the controls were not connected in one panel. Thats not intuitive. No other program I use has the user to click "fill" in two different tool bars to control the gradient. Im hoping this is already in the roadmap as a todo? If not Ill be happy to go make a request for this feature. Just tell me where to do it!
  8. I Just purchased Sketch a few months ago myself. Pages are too essential to the way I work. That it can also do artboards and layers is AMAZING. I have not mastered it yet so it seems to me it does not have all the glossy stuff I love in affinity photo and designer but the race is on! Its anyones game.
  9. Im very happy to see pages is on the list. thought Im still not convinced the team understands what we mean when we say pages. And Im still stumped as to when pages will be coming. I opted to go purchase another software application that already can do pages, artboards and layers all in one file. It doesnt have all of the bells in whistles that affinity has but its moving along fast. It will be neck and neck to see which of you I end up staying with. Not having pages really is a deal breaker. But Ive got my fingers crossed for you.
  10. dizeyner

    grid problem

    Im glad that the ability to create a preset for grids is coming. I cant wait! Do we have a timeframe for 1.7?
  11. Hi Aammppaa, thats not what I was looking to do, but WOW thats crazy cool and definitely something I might use at some point. Thanks for sharing!
  12. OMG! THANK YOU. In adobe you add points for color in the popup gradient control menu. It never occurred to me to click to add in the image! Now if I can just figure out how to get the gradient popup to stay open. I tried to tear off the panel to let it float and stay open but it wont budge. Ill go google. but WOOOOOOHOOOO> Thank you. I had a DOH moment when I realized the reason I did not see the transparency was because my canvas was white. Some days I wonder how many neurons Im losing a day. TY TY TY!
  13. I would delete the post but I cant. so removing the body of the content. found the answer to the transparency issue for gradients. phew.
  14. If there is one thing that keeps driving me back to my older adobe software its that in affinity I can look at the open file and see the dimensions of the image and the file size along the bottom with adobe software but have to jump through hoops to see these basic bits of info with both affinity design and photo. I have to go to menu, select change document size just to see dimensions. and as far as I can tell there is NO WAY to see the file size until AFTER I save it. When fine tuning an image I NEED to see the file size with each adjustment. And I defo need to see the image dimensions at all times. Especially when Im working with more than one file at a time. If there is another pop up info box that lets me see these things at a glance please tell me. Because working in affinity is like doing twice as much to get the same result. And I really want to believe its just operator error on my part.
  15. You're going to get tired of me saying this..but..."in fireworks I can" make a gradient that goes from a solid color to no color. Or rather I can set either of the two colors to whatever transparency I want. One end can be 100% and other 0% for example or anything in between. This is useful for so many things I cant even tell you. Im fiddling with affinity designer and gradient as Im porting things from FW to AF. but I do not see a way to set the second color to no color or even to 0 transparency. Im assuming this is operator error on my part. I swear Im looking at it and clicking on everything. but it looks like the gradient requires two colors and transparency applies to the entire object not to one color of the gradient or even one end of the gradient. Also with fireworks you can add little marker that lets you add other colors to a gradient between the two main colors. I do not see that ability in affinity. If it can do this can someone point me to a tutorial, and if not let me know as Id like to add this as a request for a future ability. In addition controlling the gradient seems a lot harder in FW. In FW I grab the gradient handle--move it to adjust the gradient where I want it and can also use the gradient menu for additional control or features of a gradient.You could pull this handle (sometimes more than one handle depending on type of gradient) far, far, far out beyond the object and thereby do a lot more than a simple gradient. I see sliders in the gradient menu but not a control handle(s). Possible I just don't know how to get the handle? Or its really only the sliders in the gradient menu?