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  1. I am not sure I understand. It happens when using an erase brush tool in a pixel persona and also when I use pixol tool.
  2. thanks for the tip, but: a) the default should not make wet edges, in my understanding b) I changed it to "off" and the result is the same
  3. Hi, I might have the same problem with a pixel erase brush tool in Designer. I can never erase a bitmap with one click only, even thought the wet edges or other brush settings are on default. updated macOS Sonoma (but the problem persists for a year or longer)
  4. I have this issue for years some files are a nightmare to work on. e. g. yesterday it crashed after 2-3 steps, without saving the progress. I tried to update, also changing saving preferences, and saving manually to iCloud and iPad… after reworkin the artwork for like 10th time I gave up and started from a scratch in a new document and then merged it with the old one. as you can see in the video, the artwork is super simple - just a few vector and pixel layers. IMG_0696.MOV IMG_0695.MOV
  5. well, more importantly we have a problem with Publisher features. and it seems that "we" are a lot of people…
  6. Thanks, Jim. I checked the software but it needs InDesign SW installed to make it work
  7. so I ended up coding the book almost manually 🙈🙈🙈 using Calibre...
  8. yop, thats what I understood from youtube tutorial which I wanted to follow initially. but then was discouraged by the result of first Calibre export...
  9. My publishing house requires InDesign file to convert it into EPUB, which I did not notice in the contract... I just delivered PDFs for the printer and thought my job was done. So now I am figuring the way how to convert PDF to EPUB. And I hope PDF Element would work for that. So far everything looks the same as in Publisher PDF export, no distortions like when exporting in Calibre. Element:
  10. haha, thanks! 🤓 thats what I did and the result was: – the font is not preserved – pages are not preserved – paragraph layout is damaged – illustrations are damaged (thats might be because I used CMYK profile with a spot color)
  11. thanks for your tips! actually, I wrote this question after trying Calibre and ended up totally frustrated I want to preserve the font and manage pages in an easy way, which is too hard for me in Calibre. but..! I found https://pdf.iskysoft.com/ and sent the EPUB export to the publishing house. so fingers crossed! if it works, I would need to pay a yearly fee under 100 bugs, which is still ok.
  12. I did a horrible mistake and I used Publisher for a book design without researching first. Now the publishing house wants EPUB export and I am literally f***ed, because I cannot export to EPUB nor IDML... Is there any feasible workaround to create eBOOK files? So far I did not find anyting that would make it easier then designing the whole book from a scratch again in InDesign :////
  13. first of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! EDIT2 seems to be working – now I can see only K from CMYK values in Acrobat preflight preview P. S. I tried all PDF export files, but none of them worked well with the combination of a spot color + vector illustration, as far as I remember.
  14. Hi, I am preparing a book to be printed and I cannot figure out one issue for days already! 🥵 The text is in 100% Black, but every time I export the file into PDF, it turns into a mix of CMYK. I tried various color profile setups, every export possible and nothing changes... Also when I place an image as Designer/PDF/EPS file (yes, I tried all of them!), it is 100% Black + one spot color, but it turns into a mix of CMYK after saving. I am desperate... the data for the printer needs to be 1 color + 1 spot color and I do not know how to achieve that. The only qick fix is to convert colors in Adobat Acrobat. But I am afraid that could mess the illustrations. Thanks for your prompt help, the deadline is soon...
  15. Please! I am suffering when checking colors before printing. Sometimes I do an error and leave CMYK color instead of Pantone, because it is basicslly not possible to figure out 😭😭😭 I used Adobe for preflight checks, but it is annoying to pay a licence just for that…
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