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  1. The flood fill in pixel persona makes Designer stop working basically every time. I need to wait for few minutes or even restart the program. This makes the tool unusable Thanks for checking.
  2. It works, OMG, yay!
  3. Thanks, will give it a try. Because it crashed like 100 times last time and I was going mad!
  4. Hi, it happens in an existing document. Basically every second time I drag artboard(s). I am a bit afraid to install the beta because of rewriting some files, as noted in the description... Thanks, a.
  5. Hi, I have experienced dozens (maybe even hundreds) crashes of Affinity Designer - it crashes when I copypaste an artboard and start dragging it to a (mostly right) side. I checked all Macbook/Magic mouse settings and could not find any reason why this is happening. It is extremely annoying, as the work is very often not saved, even with the restored file. Thanks for your help, Alena
  6. Hi, how would you do a dynamic text - without manually resizing every letter? and with correct space dynamics? My example (attached) was done manually and doesnt look very realistic :( I tried: a) create a text shape, fill in the text ABCDE but the text in trapezoid shape cannot be rotated in the direction I want b) write an artistic text ABCDE resize every letter, shift the baseline of every letter Thanks!
  7. Hi, I was trying to learn duplicate power from Affinity tutorial (, but I got stuck: The command J is working when duplicating stars next to each other, but not when rotating the stars to create a spiral. What could be wrong, please? Thanks a lot, a.