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[ADe] Show hidden characters

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Please, please provide an option to show visible tab indications in the text boxes. I lay out CD inlays with Designer and rely heavily on tab settings to do track lists and other things. The Designer tab setting scheme is hostile enough without having to guess where tabs are falling. This has been a function of all word processing and text/page layout programs for over 20 years, and the lack of it here is driving me to my wits' end. I'd be losing my hair over this problem if I had any left to lose...

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Thanks everybody for letting Serif know we need this feature.  I'm trying to solve a problem with my layout and it sure would be nice to see the hard returns and soft returns.  I'd really like to have the ability to view the non-printing characters that others have mentioned.



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On 3/21/2017 at 12:47 PM, Dave Harris said:

I'm pretty sure that when it gets done, it'll be in all the Affinity apps.


On 1/9/2018 at 11:14 AM, Dave Harris said:

Publisher will have Show Special Characters. I don't know yet whether Designer will get it too.


3 minutes ago, Dave Harris said:

Show Special Characters is available now in the Publisher beta near the bottom of the Text menu.

Has a decision been made about adding it to Designer? And if it is to be added, will it be in 1.7?

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Please add 'Show Special Characters' to Designer ... :)

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I strongly agree that this needs to be in Designer, not just Publisher. It's just as important in a drawing program. (But they're not "special characters"; the command should just be "show invisibles.")

(Another laughable Illustrator factoid: Did you know that (at lease as of CS6), you cannot search for and replace carriage returns?)


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