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  1. @MEB Do you have an ETA on a fix for this?
  2. I am seeing this on 2 different computers with completely different documents. Maybe it's the same problem as this?
  3. In the screenshots you can see a shape on an Artboard, with the move tool (V) and the point tool (A). The point tool shows an obviously wrong value for X.
  4. The only thing that helps is going to New View (2 or 3 times) until it is finally sharp and then closing the other open versions.
  5. The whole document is shown pixellated, the same as the artboard name. As you can see in these 2 screenshots.
  6. For all the Guides I greated in my multi-artboard documents the positions are not shown relative to the artboard they are on, but relative to the whole document which is not helpful at all.
  7. Hello, your Twitter told me to post this here. So I work on an iMac Pro and when I open a document, it is often displayed very pixellated and I have to go to View > New View (often 2 or 3 times) until it becomes sharp. I attached 2 screenshots of Artboard names, one before and one after. I also realized that the first one is on zoom level 25% and the second one is 50%, but the displayed size is identical. So I think it is a problem with the retina resolution not displaying correctly at first. Maybe important: I have a second screen that is not retina, where I put most of the Studio tools.
  8. It would be so great if the guides settings window could be integrated with the other UI elements instead of being this single floating window.
  9. Thank you so much. That is amazing. I played around with it a little bit, this is my work in progress...