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  1. Any update on this? Still experiencing the same bug and it's making my workflow very difficult.
  2. Tried again after a complete fresh start this morning. Makes no difference. Still the only workaround is to go to "New View" for every document 2-4 times.
  3. I just tried that workaround and that sadly did not work.
  4. This is the one, yes. I don't have anything doing anything to the displayed resolution beyond the system settings afaik.
  5. Actually, with the lower performance settings the Artboard title will be shown correctly (after a few times clicking on "New View"), but the content itself is displayed in half resolution anyway, as you can see in the attached screenshot on the edges of the "Mittwoch"
  6. The ASUS is connected via HDMI -> Tikko dongle -> USB-C I tried the performance setting, but no difference. Screenshot is attached. Thank you for you effort.
  7. This was not yet solved with the 1.7.2 update, right?
  8. Yes, with 1.7.2 I still have the same problem. Restarting AD with the second monitor disconnected worked. So, it seems to be connected to this problem. The second monitor is connected via an USB-C/Thunderbolt dongle. Attached are screenshots of the Monitor settings and of my configuration of the AD UI. You can also see how this problem appears with a newly created document. It also creates some weird artefacts in the background of the artboard.
  9. @MEB Do you have an ETA on a fix for this?
  10. I am seeing this on 2 different computers with completely different documents. Maybe it's the same problem as this?
  11. In the screenshots you can see a shape on an Artboard, with the move tool (V) and the point tool (A). The point tool shows an obviously wrong value for X.
  12. The only thing that helps is going to New View (2 or 3 times) until it is finally sharp and then closing the other open versions.
  13. The whole document is shown pixellated, the same as the artboard name. As you can see in these 2 screenshots.
  14. For all the Guides I greated in my multi-artboard documents the positions are not shown relative to the artboard they are on, but relative to the whole document which is not helpful at all.

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