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  1. I love AD, but I can't believe that Affinity Designer has not yet implemented Multiple columns of text yet in its beta 1.8. It is a basic implementation for a "designer" Will we have to wait for version 2.0 to be able to work professionally with AD or will it continue to be a complementary tool for Adobe software? Don't tell me that Publisher has this ability that I already know the story.
  2. Still waiting………………………………………………………………………………………
  3. Woowwww! I don't need all things, we are talking about basic tools to develop real projects.
  4. I agree with you ... We are not requiring Super capabilities. Serif should listen and know to its potential users, what are the real capabilities that their apps need to make the final jump. I am a graphic designer and design teacher too, from the beginning I put the focus in Affinity apps with my students... But today I have no arguments for them to abandon Adobe Illustrator and its capabilities for example. They are the future, where does Serif want to look? (Sorry for my crap English)
  5. I understand your professional needs Walt-farrel, but for me it sounds like a car doesn't need wheels ...
  6. You are right walt.farrel, ADe has only been a complementary tool for some tasks, because I still do not feel comfortable finishing my projects in it. I don't like comparing with other apps, I think Affinity must be unique and possibly go in the right direction, but for me it is not time yet.
  7. 5 years waiting = disappointed I understand what you mean, in fact I have a long wish list for Affinity applications. But I am consistent in my wishes and I do not claim to Affinity a trip to Mars. We are talking about something as basic as columns of text in a program called "Designer".
  8. But that is not the right answer for my needs, why hire a tailor if you just want to sew a button? Who said I don't have Publisher? We are not demanding advanced capacity of text blocks as in Publisher for editorial projects. It's something as basic as editing text blocks. This ability in AD will not subtract the purchase in Publisher. My point of view is that it will gain more users to Affinity applications and its workflow philosophy. 5 years ago when I bought my first Affinity product (AD), I thought it would be the future. At this moment I don't know ... I still have hope.
  9. Hi, The translation in the context menu Style is still wrong in the Affinity Designer Beta. “Añadir nueva categoría… (as in English) or Añadir nueva categoría de estilo” Thank you
  10. Thanks for your answers, I was going crazy trying ... :-)
  11. Hi Dan, Thank you for your quick response ... But I still have the same problem, just let me attach it on the left side, as shown in the video that I attached ... Thanks again Panels.mov
  12. Hi everyone, Is it possible on Mac OS? because I just let me drag and group on the left side (tools) not on the right. (sorry my English) Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Affinity, It is not something important, but sometimes it confuses me ... There is a small error in the translation in the Styles window menu. "Añadir nueva categoría de pincel" (brushes) Add New Category… > Añadir nueva categoría… Thank you!
  14. It would be great to have these functions in Affinity Designer even if it was a basic implementation to create multiple columns and not rely on Affinity Publisher for these tasks.
  15. Thank you for a fantastic contribution.
  16. 1+ for the stroke width tool.
  17. It would be fine in future versions with major interface changes

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