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  1. Just to add: I think that a great deal of the new features in V2 (which I have paid for the suite already) are fanciful and can be well lived without, or possible never needed by most in a day to day agency/studio. But Masks are an everyday task, need. This is probably why I (as well as others) feel so strongly about this. V2 is perhaps the Lamborghini version with the gear knob missing.
  2. MEB, I am not "understanding". This is a basic need that should have been in V1. Not finding it in the latest version was pretty insulting as a user where we have been voicing that one need as priority for so, so long. I think that the product and the alternative to Adobe is great and very much needed. I only want to see it succeed (and rule supreme). But not having this from the start is like selling ladders where the first rung is missing. You can still use them, they might work great. But that first rung would be better there than not, and certainly make the whole experience a more rounded and efficient experience. What do we do in a photo editing app. Some small processing things that are no great shakes. Image manipulation. Photocompositing where masks and layers are bread and butter. Come on? Best J
  3. I think management need to pay more attention. This has been a much spoken about basic need for many, many months now. I'm wondering how quick it would get in there if everyone in need of it posted and tagged affinity with an instagram (or other media) highlighting the absence, and simply asking "when?"
  4. Bman love that solution and thank you for it. I shall certainly use it. but when you have multiple masks on the go this rather than the conventional PS is so long winded. they expect us to find all these workaround solutions to an industry standard format. and having a thing that kinda works shouldn’t detract them from getting the solution that straight works.
  5. “this is an omission we are aware of for which I have filled an improvement request internally sometime ago” not good enough sorry, but it isn’t people have been screaming about this since the product launched and it is without doubt the biggest stumbling block in an otherwise great alternative. this should be priority
  6. Definitely needed, I am really struggling to see the UI
  7. Hi MEB, I am new to the Affinity product range. A change I took readily and keen to leave adobe that I had used for over 30 years. I am slowly experiencing real fundamental issues with lack of opposition and essential tools or plain strange ways of working. No Slice,Masking that drives me mental (Photo), previews I cannot understand and more. I have been trying to educate (re-educate) myself as much as possible, in the realisation that sometimes old ways are not the best ways. But I am finding that a hard notion to follow at times in this new Affinity world where really basic needs have not been met. Your last response on this was 2016, Surely if a slice tool were to be in a roadmap it should have reached its destination by now. Oh! an please tell me a fundamental video to watch to wrap my head around the crazy photo masking (cannot see the mask) dilemma. I am close to breaking -back. I really don't want to go there...
  8. Surely this comes under "standard feature" and should have been from v1.1
  9. Garry- That is so kind of you to spend the time to do that, It certainly creates the result that I was after. Perhaps what I am used to will find its way into the software too sometime soon. Thank you once again. James
  10. Scenario You have a picture of a bottle of wine you want to crop. In Photoshop I would have grabbed the crop tool brought the left and right sides to line up with the edge of the vertical sides of the bottle. Then grabbed the crop handle in the middle vertical right side and whilst holding shift (If I remember right) dragged out till I had the space I required. The left side would automatically mirror my movement and I knew I had the crop central to the bottle in a visual sense. ??? How do I do this simple, fundamental thing in AP. Grateful for any enlightenment, I have tried and tried and searched videos galore.
  11. I have to say that whilst being an enthusiastic swapper from Adobe after Many years, I am really struggling with the Affinity masking scenario. I would really appreciate a definitive (even a "made for idiots" mentality) video to get all this clear in my mind. Even something that especially matters for people making the switch. Along the lines of "you know how you used to do this, well now you achieve that by doing this instead". I think a great deal more could be achieved by referencing the old ways whilst education on the new. The videos I have seen so far are slow, stale and not up to scratch, using elements that confuse the issue, rather than showing the mechanics.
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