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  1. Today I needed to slice/divide some paths and realized Designer has "NO" tools to cut a path anywhere and give you two separate paths! Am I missing something? I keep not wanting to use Illustrator but I keep finding simple tools missing. This is just like not having an offset path command, handy tools.
  2. Hello, I followed your tip I created a document 6 in. x 4.5 in. at 300dpi. I opened the resize dialog window changed the dpi to 150 with resample unchecked, the pixel/inch dimensions where grey and didn't change, I clicked the resize button. Once finished I reopened the resize document window and it now showed a 12 in. x 9 in. document at 150 dpi. This is what I was asking about in the first place. That what I was expecting to happen, but because it wasn't updated while I was making the initial changes I didn't think/realize it was going to happen. The fact that I could not see the change in the dialog window prior to clicking "resize" is what caused the confusion so I didn't continue. It would be nice to see the change happen in the first window and not have to reopen a second window to know it had resized dimensionally. I think you can understand my confusion when "However Affinity doesn't calculate or show this for you and the dimensions in the input box remain the same (even after you change them to a physical dimension). This again doesn't help much. " Because I never saw a change in the dialog window I was under the impression nothing was going to happen or change. Maybe this is something that could be dealt with in future updates.
  3. Barninga, Thanks for the reply, but what I was trying to ask about is the pixel dimension remaining the same and the print size increasing. The image isn't resized as much as the quality of the output is decreased size increased, a 1600 x1200 print at 150dpi where the original would be 800 x 600 at 300dpi. I have tried checking and unchecking the resample check box and the only way it seems to work is decrease the dpi and leave the pixel size the same or decrease the dpi and decrease the pixel dimension. It doesn't work the other direction decreasing the dpi and have the pixel adjust upward. This is a simple operation in photoshop the dialog box on resize has two components one for pixel dimension the other document size.
  4. Hello, I must not be understand how the document resize works in Affinity Photo in relation to the dpi. For example if my document is 800 x 600 at 300dpi and I would like to change the dpi to 150 and have the pixel dimension remain and the same so it would now be 1600 x 1200 at 150. If I go to Document / Resize Document the dialogue box opens and unlike PSD if i change the dpi to 150 the document wants to resize to 400 x 300 so it is now half the size and half the dpi density. What I'm I missing?
  5. dddeux

    EPS export bug- objects scale up in size

    Thank you for your explanation, it makes total sense when you layout the whole process. I just wish the EPS bug hadn't been over looked in the beginning, as having something scale up in size when saving/exporting as EPS was the last thing I would have ever thought to worry about. Let alone the additional time and money to correct the problem. With that said, I enjoy using Affinity Designer ( it is now my main vector app ) and been playing around Affinity Photo. Keep up the great work.
  6. dddeux

    EPS export bug- objects scale up in size

    I'm still surprised that almost two months after this post the version on the app store still has a major EPS export problem! Sure I now know to use the beta version, but this was only after it cost me money to have a CNC routing job redone, not knowing at the time that on export to EPS the dimensions where going to change. I do hope you make the update soon so it doesn't cause or cost somebody else.
  7. dddeux

    eps export bug- objects scale up in size

    Sorry for the double post, I didn't think my first went thru.
  8. Hello, You have a major bug with your .eps export. Objects scale up in size! I had a file which was originally an .ai import which had two objects the overall dimension for both pieces were 60” x 23”. Somehow when I saved it as an .eps it changed size to 80” x 30.5”! I then created a new affinity file and created a square with the same dimension and received the same results This is totally unacceptable. I have never worked with a vector program that could convert an eps correctly. FP_test.eps test1.eps
  9. Hello, I have a problem when exporting a file as an eps. The object dimensions scale up in size! The example I just found out about, the objects have an original size of 60” x 23”. Somehow when I saved it as an .eps it changed size to 80” x 30.5”. ​I do a lot of vector export as .eps and I need to trust the the size of objects remain the same size as the original design. This not a "small" bug but a "major" issue, I never had to worry about .eps export with any application before. I can draw a simple square and receive the same results. fp_test.afdesign FP_test.eps