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  1. For lately persons searching the same info as me... Put the cursor upside a gradients point. And (on Mac) press Ctrl+Shift to rotate the gradient without moving the line.
  2. Hi, 2 years after... I have the same problem and the same question! Can we hope an update to work with outline mode and see a bitmap layer? (Really missing to AFD : / ) Or should we be content with the "Blender Range" option?
  3. Nikko

    align to key object!

    One more question about align first/last. Does it work with nodes too? This tool really misses me. With a shortcut it's really more effective than to create guides and to snap on it before deleting them. To do a clean and quick job, it's absolutely necessary. (I talk about technical drawing, not making nice little Mickeys... ) The align tools for nodes is fine and pleasant to use. But I don't trust align with the hand draging the mouse on a complexe artwork.
  4. I don't understand why... but ok Thanks Meb.
  5. Hi, I was playing with the Trial Version 1.5.5 on Mac OS 10.11.16, looking for make some bleeds. No problem until the option "clip to canvas" stays in grey. I can't check or uncheck it anymore. I removed all elements, guides, layer... to find out where the problem comes from, but in vain. And this function works perfectly with a new file. Maybe it's a local minor bug... (?) BUG AFFINITY DESIGNER.afdesign
  6. Nikko

    text bugs with AI files

    Ok, thanks. But in this case (and if I do it right), the paragraphes are destroyed, and must be re-assembled. And that's not possible, we have tons of texts in hundred files... I hope you'll find a solution to solve this kind of problems. (Seems complex...)
  7. Nikko

    Pantone picker

    I don't think so, I'm having troubles too with Pantones in the 1.5.5 version. Maybe later...
  8. Hi, I imported a AI file in the Trial version 1.5.5. And I notice the text blocks are all moved horizontally, with an important text left indented. (I hope you understand what I mean...) So the text is at the right position, but not his block. Curious... I tried with a new file, same result. See image attached. The vertical line shows the center of the text area in the AI file. I know there is some trouble with indent text, but I found nothing about this.
  9. Nikko

    align to key object!

    Ok, thx. If anyone is interested, I found the Beta here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/45744-affinity-designer-customer-beta-16-beta-8/ I'll try it too! Edit : (Not possible without a Commercial version installed. Too bad...)
  10. Nikko

    align to key object!

    Thx a lot ! (Unfortunately, I'm testing the trial 1.5.5...)
  11. Agree with you Don't need a specific button, but maybe it's possible to create a shortcut in the preferences... I'll take a look. (...) Very interesting, but found no shortcut for that.
  12. Oups yes, sorry... I was testing from a wokplane to a second. (I don't know if "workplane" is the right word in English for "plan de travail" in French). In case of multi versions of a document or pages in a single file, it's really handy. Edit: Possible in the futur to paste in place between 2 canevas/workplan in the same file?
  13. Hi. I remove from the grave this old thread because I'm testing Affinity Designer and regret to not have a "paste in place" option. Any more information now about that? I used to work with Illustrator since many years, and it's very useful and avoid some layers manipulations. For exemple to access to an object below an other, I cut the first, work on the second, and then past in place the first, without moving my hands of their position, check and uncheck layers etc. Or if I need to copy a logo, adress... from a packaging file, to the same packaging in an other language and file, I just cut from one and paste in place on the second without using coordinates. I "past in place" dozen times a day because I found sometimes it's the quickest way to do my job. But I admit my way to work is made with habits due to specific tools. And new software means new tools, and new habits, non necessary worse or better, just differents. And sorry for my english, that was not my favorite subject at school, I regret.

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