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  1. This one's sort of surprisingly crushing. Basically stops every project I have going right now in Publisher.
  2. The Section Manager simply doesn't function for me. I can "add" new sections, but neither the main section nor new sections can be modified in any way.
  3. In fact, let me be more specific: Whether in larger, smaller, or new documents, it's impossible for me to edit ANY section. In some cases, I can't delete or modify sections. I'm pretty sure that in previous betas I was in fact able to do this.
  4. I'm definitely having similar problems. For me, it's extremely difficult to get the Section Manager to update variables for any section EXCEPT the first one.
  5. The beta stops responding during a search for spelling errors, especially when the "Learn" button is used. I'm running the beta on a 12" MacBook.
  6. J.L. Forrest

    [ADe] Show hidden characters

    +1 We're into 2019, and this really needs to be in Designer too. Design for any large amount of text REQUIRES the ability to see invisibles. ASAP.