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  1. Thank you for clarifying! Nothing said to select a layer first, so I was operating blind. Was spoiled by Affinity Photo!
  2. Affinity Designer only: I am unable to use the crop tool. The Context tool bar does not appear when I activate it. This tool has never worked for me despite reinstalling the app. I am using V 1.8.6 on a Mac desktop. No problem with crop in A. Photo! Please advise.
  3. Thank you, Gear maker. Sometimes it auto closes, but most of the time it does not.
  4. It's 2020, I have had this problem since the last 2 updates. I select 2 lines with the shift key, move one node on top of the other, and nothing happens. Join curves is greyed out, so can"t select it. Any suggestions?
  5. Thank you for your response. I did try a Mac reboot. No luck! I had to stay in the app to show you the spinning ball. It stopped spinning when I left AD. All is well now, the Mac & AD are purring together.
  6. Affinity Designer move tool glitch? The move tool no longer moves a selected object in real time. AD 1- select object with move tool 2- move object with move tool 3- The spinning wheel appears 4- 12-15 seconds later the object jumps to its new place A.Designer v 1.8.3, vector persona, 2019 27" iMac, OS 10.15.5 Obviously this delay is not acceptable. Any solutions? (Sorry, can't take screen shot while the wheel is spinning) UPDATE: just reinstalled the app and it's working again.
  7. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.8 on my iMac. After the upgrade the history panel has been disabled. Any fixes for that? Thanks -- Sue
  8. Quite true. This would have been quite easy if I wanted the dots to be uniform. Truth be told, I prefer the dots to look funky and different. Going in and changing each circle, when I may have 100 of them, would probably drive me -- well, dotty.
  9. Thank you all for your input. To answer MED, I created the whole file in AD. The advantage of using the pencil tool, gently stamping dots on my tablet, is speed. The circle tool would take forever. And, as I have noted above, the vast majority of them work - with virtually identical characteristics. I appreciate the time you have all taken to try to solve this puzzle.
  10. Actually - correction - they did not print accurately.
  11. For the substitute dots, I copy/paste a nearby dot. Dots consist of two nodes (caps) very close together. Often the nodes sit on top of one another. In your example, if you select break curve and pull on one, you'll get a curve instead of a circle. I hope this is helpful. Many thanks for contributing! The substitute dots printed on another piece. I should have thought of it sooner.
  12. Thank you. When they print as specks, they're only printing part of the dot shape. I realize they are small, but I feel that they still should print as well as show up on the monitor. Might this be a bug?
  13. GabrielM, thank you for asking. Attached is an example. I would love to know what you think. MANY THANKS!! R C - R, thank you also for your input. I'm working at 300dpi and all dots were created at the same time with the pencil tool. I have substituted new dots, and - although they show in zoom, they are printing as specks, not full dots. dot mystery.afdesign
  14. Very small layers (9.5 px dots in my case) vanish from view unless I zoom in. They also don't print from jpegs or pdfs of my file. This feels like a bug. Any solutions?
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