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Affinity Designer Customer Beta (

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Purpose: Features / Improvements / Fixes 

Status: Beta
Requirements: Purchased Affinity Designer
Mac App Store: Not Submitted
Download: Here
To use this beta, simply download the file from the link given above and double-click on the file to open the installer. Follow the instructions to install the beta version. The beta sits alongside the Mac App Store version and will not interfere with it. Please note that if you use features which are only present in the Beta version then save your document, it will no longer open in the Mac App Store version.

Features / Improvements / Fixes


- Pixel selections now honour the current artboard when selecting all / inverting the selection
- Deleting the last artboard will not cause you to have a document of zero dimensions
- Fix for marching ants disappearing when the canvas is rotated
- Fix for text blurring on some buttons in the UI for retina screens
- Export persona’s Slice panel now sets the exportable state for all items in the selection, not just the current item
- Fix for objects placed on the spread in an artboard document disappearing when moved again
- Move Tool’s marquee drag is no longer hidden when the ‘Hide selection while dragging’ option is set
- Fix for marquee selection within artboards not working
- Artboard documents without transparency should draw empty artboards with an opaque background
- Canvas rotation now makes the grid rotate properly
- Many PDF export and import improvements
- Fix for many crashes seen after loading documents with saved history where an artboard has been used
- Fix for document view having visible borders at different zoom levels and pan locations
- Fix snapping marker rendering in the Node Tool
- The performance cat has lost his ‘Miaow’ in the Preferences dialog (and Matt mourns its loss)
- Artboard labels can now be clicked to select the artboard easily. We’ll make this draggable for next time so you can drag the artboard from here too.
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Sorry to be a downer after giving kudos. But I'm getting a repeated crash after pasting three layer groups into another layer group and trying to move them. As soon as I click and drag, it crashes. Going to have to go back one beta to test.


Edit: after removing the problem layers and starting them from scratch, I've had no further problems.


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The Crash on copy bug I previously reported is still active in the last 3 betas. As soon as I copy an somewhat complex element with masks and clipping paths, AD crashes.



Sorry to be a downer after giving kudos. But I'm getting a repeated crash after pasting three layer groups into another layer group and trying to move them. As soon as I click and drag, it crashes. Going to have to go back one beta to test.

2021 16” Macbook Pro w/ M1 Max 10c cpu /24c gpu, 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Ventura 13.1

2018 11" iPad Pro w/ A12X cpu/gpu, 256 GB, iPadOS 16.2

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One thing I noticed in working on a logo and prepping different formats—if I create a global colour as a spot color and then want to save out a CMYK or RGB set, it would be nice to keep the color swatch linked but switch it from PMS to CMYK, etc. Currently I can edit the CMYK values of a global swatch and treat it like a CMYK swatch, but it remains marked as a spot colour. Is that a problem?

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Thanks team, wow you guys are really pushing the boat out. ;-)


Some observations...


Seems you need to hide grid then show grid if you want it to line up with a rotated canvas. Not a biggie. Are there plans for a more natural application of rotate canvas down the road. Like a user determined key short, click, drag, rotate instead of predesignated increments?


I realize art boards are still a wip but I'm curious, what's the light grey area around the art boards all about? Currently it seems a little jittery at the moment when moving an art board around or zooming in and out. Why not just have the darker grey background? Just wondering...


Seems you can select and move an art board with the move tool when the art board is empty but not after there's an element on it... is this a possible confusing convention? I would expect to use the art board tool to do anything to an art board...


Is there an art board panel/palette coming for rearranging, resizing and renumbering?


Thanks for those marquee selection and hide selection fixes!!

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Thank you for fixing these bugs …  :D




As retrograde noted, there are still some redraw issues on my mac. As soon as I touch the background grey level slider, the pasteboard jitter disappears … if that’s of any help. There’s only a certain flicker on zooming …


Thanks again, Alex  :)


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It still would be nice to see the object in bleed and pasteboard area.


I see guides can be placed and viewed across Artboards but not top, right, left, bottom of them where they hide or cannot be placed? It's a bit weird.


For the beginner: "Pasteboard" being the off the page bit most graphics apps use to temporary place and work on items.

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(Another idea, in parentheses … now that we have canvas rotation … would it be difficult to implement canvas mirroring as well? In certain situations that’s a very good way to check and reassess your work, especially when doing type design and the like. Just an idea.)

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Hi, nice work and thank for next Beta version :)


Some observations:

1. Margins bug, when I change dimensions of Artboard (show the video).

2. When I rotate canvas, Margins and Guides still remain (they rotate until I scroll with mouse etc.).

3. When is canvas rotated and I move with Artboard, canvas unpredictably zoom out.

4. And why not Bleed options included directly in the New document window? Now I can set Bleed only in already open document.


PS: Sorry for my english.

Margins bug in Artboard.mov

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Not before Christmas. Our goal is to update the Mac App Store before Christmas, and to meet that we can't be adding new features.

Thx for the feedback. Will it be in the next beta after the scheduled 12/2015 release? So maybe Jan. 2016? I desperately need this feature  ;)

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