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  1. Hi, and what means "Milter value"? What sets this value? And why default value is "1.414"? I was looking in Affinity Designer Help, but no result. Thanks.
  2. Yes, you're right. It would be good if AD has enabled duplication with ALT (or CMD) AFTER dragging. It is a really good feature, which is currently missing :(
  3. Hi, it is possible to somehow backup and restore my Affinity Settings, Workspace, Shortcuts, etc? I could use it in the migration to a new beta. Thanks
  4. Thank you for the answer, Miguel. Ok, I look forward to when this will be better optimized. Now is drawing in the Designer little bit frustrating for me :( I can not draw a curve exactly how I want.
  5. Hi, I have a problem, when I draw with tool Vector brush on my tablet (Wacom Intuos 3). The drawing result is different, than preview. Please, check my video. Paint (pixel) brush tool works correctly, so problem is only with Vector brush. (I try drawing on the same tablet with Vector brush in Adobe Illustrator and no problem.) Brush bug.mov
  6. Hi, use Command key instead Alt. But not working with groups :-( It moves individual shapes, not group as a whole. Or is there any other option?
  7. Hi. When I'm exporting to the PDF, final document has a different colour profile. Check the screenshots please. 1. My document has Rectangle with colour 30/90/80/10 CMYK and colour profile FOGRA39. 2. In export I set "Use document profile" and "Embed profiles". 3. But the final PDF document has colour profile "CGATS TR 001" and colour numbers are different too (20/83/66/11 CMYK). Any idea please? Thank you.
  8. Hi guys! Is there any way to set up a "Keyboard Increment"? In Adobe Illustrator is this option in Settings / General (see my screenshot). Very useful for quick precise move with objects. The default value in AD is 1 pixel. But for print is this not so good… I would need to set 1 mm. Thanks!
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