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  1. Magnus_vb

    Resize image with locked aspect ratio?

    Looks good Antonio! A small time saver: I always adjust the size in the same dialog as exporting the image. Therefor I can save one step ;) and I always have the original exported size of the image (note: size can not be changed when exporting as a PSD). But, not sure this will work when you are doing a roundtrip from Lightroom. Best, Magnus
  2. Magnus_vb

    Resize image with locked aspect ratio?

    AFP is different from Photoshop when it comes to cropping. Actually, I wish there was a way to crop AND resize in one step. The way I have solved it is to first crop with a unitless ratio. You don't have to manually calculate the ratio - just choose Custom Ratio and enter the number (example 21 / 30 for a A4 size). Then go to Resize document, change to your unit (like centimetre) and change to "21" in one of the fields, and the preferred DPI. But, be aware, that you might upscale the image "to much". // Magnus
  3. Hi Affinity I have two documents open in AFP. One with color profile AdobeRGB (1998) and the other with sRGB. In the AdobeRGB document I create a shape with a fill of yellow. Copy that layer and paste into the sRGB document. And the yellow color turns to green (and I really mean pure green - not a greenish yellow). Best, Magnus
  4. I found the term "rasterise" a bit confusing as well. Is't also possible to Rasterise an image that you have opened (not placed)? For me, before "rasterising" an image, you can always change the crop and/or size without loss in quality. After rasterising the cropped area is deleted and it is no more possible to upsize (without loss in quality). The image is "Finalised" :unsure: (at least in my mind)
  5. jmac, this is the way I do it also. If you have set up the RGB and CMYK profiles to be used, it's alright. Of course you can always preview the image in CMYK before doing the conversion.
  6. This is complicated. And my head hurts now :D :wacko:
  7. Okay. Thanks Edit. When I compared the images above, it was native afphoto files
  8. Not sure I follow :unsure: Export setting? I did a quick and dirty test. 1. A 500x500 image at 200 dpi 2. Same file resized (Resize document) to 1000x1000 and 300dpi. Resampling and Lanczos 3 non-sep. 3. Created a new document with the size 1000x100 at 300dpi. Paste in the layer from 500x500. It's a small difference, but to my old eyes, version #3 is a little softy.
  9. This might be old, bad Photoshop habits of me. But, if I need to adjust the image to meet some printing demand - like the output size or resolution - resampling must be done. That is pixels are removed or added. In AFP you have the option to chose a sampling algoritm (quality) when changing the size of the image, and I don't know which sampling type is used when you just resize an image that is past into another image with higher resolution.
  10. Magnus_vb

    resetting swatches?

    Have you tried to reset the swatches using the small hamburger menu to the right? I have no idea if that works.
  11. Hi Stuart MBd beat me :) One thing to remember - tick "Resample" when changing the resolution (most of the time anyway).
  12. I only want one thing more: a light UI ^_^ (maybe a few other things - but this most of all)
  13. Hi It is not necessary to use inpainting, healing etc on the background layer. I always create a new, empty pixel layer above the background. And - important - select "Current layer and below" in the top toolbar. If I'm not happy with the result, I can just trash that layer ;) Magnu
  14. Magnus_vb

    Dpreview post on Affinity Shortcomings

    Thanks for the info about Photoshop plugin's. I have always thought they where tailor-made only for Photoshop :huh: This might not be relevant at all regarding plugin's, but this is what another app developer (VirtualHostX) wrote recently: In addition to that, chatting with some folks at Apple has informed me that things are going to continue to become more and more locked down at the OS level with each new OS X release (and for good reason!). The days of VHX modifying Apple's system files are numbered. I don't know how plugins work - maybe this "lockdown" does not matter at al...
  15. wldo, the main reason for me to still use Aperture is the album/library function. In Aperture I can create albums (both smart and "dumb"), add keywords and rate images with stars. This makes it easier to find images at a later moment. None of this is possible with AFP. Affinity Photo can just develop the raw file, besides all the awesome photo editing stuff.