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  1. thejapanese

    Delete Account

    Hi, would like to delete my account. Can you do this for me. I didn't find any account-deletion-tools within my profile. Thx.
  2. So what about arrowheads and measurement-tools? some news?
  3. Hi, isn't it possible to import a PDF with missing text simply as curves? I can uncheck to convert the fonts to fonts available on my system. But if I uncheck it, it will also convert it. In Graphic (iDraw) I can import the same PDF with fonts converted to curves. Is it possible with AD?
  4. thejapanese

    Measure Tools, Scaling, etc.

    Some news concerning the measurement feature?
  5. But Graphic has measure tools, scaling,... And is not a subscription software.
  6. thejapanese

    Measure Tools, Scaling, etc.

    Enclosed a picture from that what I mean (It's from Autodesk Graphic / iDraw)
  7. Hi, I'm a long time Illustrator user and have to say, that Affinity Designer is a really good piece of software! I don't use Illustrator anymore! For me, AD has one big downside. It doesn't have Measuring Tools and Scaling Options like Illustrator with Plugins like Cad Tools or Vectorscribe Dynamic Measure Tool. AD would be my perfect program (I have to plan a lot of events and use site plans for that). Will measure tools and scaling options be inside with one of the next updates?

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