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  1. That one works fine, both for a simple scan of the whole document or or a part, with further details specified on the right hand side.
  2. Hi DWright, Yes, if you mean the image capture app that comes with the scanner (Canon IJ ScanGear Starter EX). I don't see any problems using that app. I don't have any other app besides that one and Affinity Photo that "acquire" images (Photoshop is gone).
  3. Hi, Acquire Image does the initial overview scan OK (says Overview Scan), but Hide Details, Scan and all the detail choices on the right side of the window are grayed out and inaccessible. So there's no control and no final output. The it's-in-process icon keeps turning next to the scanner's name under Devices. I'm using the latest driver, OS 10.10.4 and Photo 1.4. I tried updating the driver, clearing Photo on start up. Acquire Image did work a few months ago with all the same pieces except it had the prior driver. Which didn't work the last few days so I tried updating the driver to no avail. Any fixes for this? Kearney
  4. Hi, MEB's suggestion solved the problem. Now when new text is entered, it has the stroke and fill colors, font size and type that were saved by clicking on the "synchronize defaults by selection" icon. The styles solution isn't as good because I have make a style from a selection and then go back and select all the errant text and then apply the style. If the new style could apply to all the text created from now on, that would be better. Thanks for your responses. Kearney
  5. Hi, Stroke and fill colors for text stick to what's chosen for the first text entered. Said settings for subsequent text entered always reverts to the first settings, which then have to be changed to what's wanted for the current text. Is there are cure for this behavior? Styles didn't work to correct this either. Also, in doing text intensive work, the inability to group fonts makes for a lot of scrolling through a long list of fonts for foreign languages etc. Thanks for your attention, Kearney
  6. I recommend looking closely at Capture One Pro for guidance because its results are so good. Capture One has a base characteristics section, which has an icc profile that Phase One makes for each camera. That may be more than you can bite off. But at least Photo could read whether the file was shot as sRGB or Adobe RGB. Next in this section you get a choice of curves to be applied to the RAW file: auto, film standard (punchy), film extra shadow, and linear (no curve applied). Kearney
  7. Waveform scopes are commonly used in video production. The very bottom horizontally represents pure black (0 value). The very top horizontally represents pure white (maximum legal exposure, the point at which highlights blow out). The far left side of the scope corresponds to the far left side of the photo and the far right side of the frame to the far right side of the photo. So if the exposure is raised or lowered, highlight clipping, where the mid-tones are falling, how dark the shadows are, and so on, are more readily apparent. You also can see what the level exposure is for which objects. In its own way, It tells you more than a histogram. I'm pleased and surprised to see it included. Kearney
  8. In Develop in Photo, under Profiles, the camera profile in the current and prior versions is locked and blank. When it was working, switching between Adobe RGB and sRGB made a huge difference for my Sony RAW files, which were shot as Adobe RGB. In the context menu area on the upper left, Photo was incorrectly reading them as sRGB (and still is). The Develop persona is hard to use with this either bug or lack of information. Thanks for reading, Kearney
  9. Re-installing the apps worked to cure the brush lag, at least for now. Re-installed Designer from the App store and installed the latest update to Photo Beta. Hope this will be useful information going forward for everyone.
  10. So if I drag the Affinity apps to the trash, and then re-install them, there will be no files remaining that will influence how the newly re-installed apps perform, such as preferences, application support files, etc?
  11. if you read my last post, it says I have the latest driver installed. How do I completely un-install Affinity apps (not just drag the app to the trash - I want to get rid of any and all ancillary files too, so that I can try re-installing completely fresh)? Unless you've got another idea.
  12. I get the lag using a graphics tablet, the Wacom Intuos 3, with its latest driver, on 10.10.3.
  13. I'm using an Intuos 3 Wacom with the latest driver on 10.10.3.
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