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  1. So I painted a mask with black and took a reading of the mask thumbnail in dark mode and I got 25,25,25. I then changed the interface to light mode and took a reading of the same mask and I got 195,195,195.
  2. I tried the Light interface and noticed something odd. In the Dark interface, if you paint black onto a mask it appears black on the layer thumbnail. If you do the same thing with the interface set to light, the mask thumbnail will appear gray instead of black. Am I missing something?
  3. Thank you very much for the reply. It was confusing me a bit but I guess I should have known better 😕 Jim
  4. I have come across something odd when trying out AP 90 day trial on Windows 10. I used the Cog shape to draw a path in AP but when I look at it zoomed in, it appears pixelated. I tried resetting user settings and I even tried resetting AP using Apps And Features. I can open the same file (enclosed) in AD and the Cog displays perfectly. Am I missing something? Jim PathTest.afphoto
  5. Time will tell if they will replace the Adobe apps. They both have very innovative solutions for our workflows and it's too soon to throw out the baby with the bathwater because of an inaccuracy. I think that we can all agree that these developers are more interested in satisfying our requests than most are so there are times that we must agree to disagree and move on.
  6. Pardon, I stand corrected and it's even worse for me since my mother was an English major. She's probably looking down on me with that you should have known better look on her face :lol:
  7. I think this issue can be chalked up to people either not knowing the difference between dpi and ppi or people knowing better but so used to hearing the incorrect usage that they understand the intent. It's like if a recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of sugar, many people will say 3 tablespoon fulls when the correct way to say it is 3 tablespoons full. BTW MrFlexo, PPI is actually pixels per inch not points per inch when referring to resolution if you wish to be proper :)
  8. Congratulations MattP on your new family addition. She'll be Daddy's little girl and she'll know it ;)
  9. Ben, thanks for the explanation. So history is done based on the changes made to the document and the deterministic state is the total document? I gather it's not practical to record history based on objects instead of documents? So if I understand your explanation, if I delete an object and the history is non-linear (or object oriented), there isn't a way to easily validate that deletion at a later point in history. Without linearity, the means that the only way to handle history would be to basically replay all the previous steps up to the selected point? And I presume that the issue is compounded since history can be saved within the document and that document can be opened in multiple apps.
  10. I wonder if it would be possible for the history steps to be independent of each other? Here's my idea: If the steps are independent and the user could name the steps so you know what object they pertain to, then if you wanted to you could uncheck a step you wanted removed without affecting the rest of the art. I say uncheck because if you wanted to you could recheck it to put the step back or if you did something else to the object at that point, the checked step would be removed and your latest action would be recorded. Don't know if it's too complex to be done and it would require the user to name each step to make it work. Just a thought...
  11. I started looking for some of the files and it appears that there are multiple preference files which leads me to believe that each version of the betas creates it's own support files and I don't want to delete the wrong files.
  12. What about supporting files such as preferences? I should have worded my question better to ask specifically about supporting files. Sorry. Thanks! Jim
  13. I was wondering what one has to do to remove a beta version of Designer or Photo when the final MAS version is issued? Thanks! Jim
  14. Thanks Andy. If you could replicate the functionality of Adobe's Apply Image dialog that's a major step forward. Can't wait to see what you figure out. You guys really need to be complemented again for your efforts and attention to our needs!
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