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  1. As for me this is becoming more and more important. I notice that loads of clients are starting to send people digital forms instead of the old fashioned 'paper by post'. Currently i have three projects running that require both hyperlinks as form-possibilities.
  2. I use publisher Beta on my Macbook and the Dutch spellingcheck is working here....
  3. I can agree with this. A three- or fourfold i make regulary.
  4. I read somewhere in another thread that all the tuts will be coming with the release. I assume you did already see these 16 tutorials: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/ ?
  5. Still 39 hours to go... Happy that they use the full amount of time to make things as good as possible for the beta! *dance*
  6. I suggest we start counting down together 2 more days to go...
  7. Excellent, this was just what i was looking for. Indeed as mentioned above... great withthe Frankentoon brushes
  8. Thank you for sharing, together with the fur brushes i have a nice kit to play around with now!
  9. Whow so cool! I was very excited with the just obtained brushes, but your work really surpasses my abilities. Very beautifully made! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Just downloaded and tried your brushes. Really cool! Hope to find a project soon to use it. But for now i go ballistics with my own creations. Thank you loads!
  11. I just found this tutorial which is really helpfull to put text into perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv3szSbyu80 Ooops this is Affinity Photo.... also usefull but not for this question.
  12. Ai! pity, i am searching for the same option too. THanks for sharing the alternative ways thouh. gonna try it straight away. I want to make footsteps along a path
  13. @ Sima, somehow i totally overlooked your reply. My sincere apologies! In the meantime i bought the Huion and I am so very happy with it! Your tubevideo explained to me why i struggle with the big are right now. I am indeed used to having small mouse gestures, and suddenly i have a big area with i have to cover with my pen. Still have to get the feeling of using no mouse anymore and i am looking for a place with suggested hotkeys.
  14. Thank you for your reply gdenby. You have me convinced! Today i will order the Huion WH1 1409. Will post my experience :) Can't wait!
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