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  1. Tourmaline

    My migration away from Adobe is complete - Thanks Affinity

    Stopped upgrading after cs6. No subscription for me and I am one of the first batch users of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and now also Publisher beta.
  2. Tourmaline

    Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts

    Unfortunately Dentra is not free, it's $15. Thanks for the list. You can't have enough fonts, LOL. @MrDoodlezz I use Suitcase fusion 8.
  3. Installed without any problems on the latest Windows 1809 build.
  4. There are specilized programs for this to turn a pdf into a flipbook and post on a website. here are a few: https://www.pdf-flip.com/PDF-Flip-Pricing.html https://www.instantflipbook.com/ https://www.yumpu.com/en
  5. Is there a posibility that there will be more languages available for the UI in the Affinity trilogy? It might be important to increase sales. If you need people to translate into more localized languages, I am game. Willing to translate to my native language.
  6. No problems here. Installed just fine. Looking forward to all the improvements. Thanks for the swift updates.
  7. Congrats Serif on releasing Affinity Publisher. I've been eagerly waiting for this release...Me happy camper. Now for the bug fixing and final release... It seems I was right about the integration of Photo and Designer...
  8. +1. Congrats on releasing the first Publisher for Windows beta. On to the bug fixing and final release...
  9. Thanks. Was wondering the same thing, but this explains it all. Only the 1.7 updates will be Publisher compatible.
  10. When I select a brush in designer I get a crosshair. You mean a slight rim when drawing with a brush?!
  11. In preferences---UserInterface you can tick "show always crosshair. I recon if you don't tick it, you won't see a crosshair?!
  12. Tourmaline

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    There are some hints of wich to use. If it states "anwendung" then it's an exe file. He got more then one in that folder also different version numbers. He might have accidently coupled an affinity Photo file to excel? So excel will try to open that file ? If he clicked open with in Windows(10) and coupled excel then that program will try to open that file.
  13. First, you're in the wrong forum, this is the Designer beta forum. You should go to the Photo forum. Second, you can install the final versions as you like. No need to use the beta's where there's a chance of problems. The final version and the beta version will install next to eachother, so you can use both as you like. Did you upgrade your graphics card drivers? I would start with that. And make sure you reboot before you even try to start Affinity Photo.
  14. I did as you suggested but still can't replicate!
  15. Can't replicate. make sure you select all of the objects, not half selected like you do in the animation, then the selection will be just fine. So, drag the selection tool all over the objects, covering all the objects left to right and top to bottom then it will select the objects. Make sure while selecting the corners of the objectbox turn blue, otherwise you didn't select them correctly.