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  1. Use the A (artistic text tool) and type in 1. Use the Drop cap on the 1. Artisitc tool 5 and drop cap and artictic tool 0 Drop cap, all same size. With alignment you can align the way you like. All 3 digits same size. You can group them.
  2. Tourmaline

    Acrobat Alternative?

    Unfortunately there's only one really good in converting Word documents and that is Acrobat Pro. If you need that feature don't waste time trying others, they all are not as good as Acrobat Pro. Tried them all, was very disappointed no one came close. Tried them on a variety of documents and all had their problems. At least, those were my findings. YMMV.
  3. Couple the panels on the right. then you can open them in the panel bar and shouldn't cause problems. If you drags panels out of the panels bar then this might happen.
  4. Yes, it's a bit strange. Afdesign and afphoto do work but afpub doesn't show up. It should work since all 3 extension are completely the same.
  5. Tourmaline

    Beta updates STILL failing

    I've installed all alpha's, beta's and retail versions without any problems at all. Full versions and updates.
  6. I don't see the problem either. If you did some research you would know how it works but instead uses the term misleading for his lack of research... I've been here from the beginning on this forum and I can't recall Serif made any promises or assumptions that all features of Designer or Photo would work. As I stated before, you can't cram in all features from 3 apps into one application. That's why Photoshop for instance has some new features and loses some others...There is a limit you can put in a UI... @Peter Petrenko, They could do that, yes. Calling it Publisher light...
  7. Improving things is only done by constructive comments... "You bought Affinity Publisher with mislead information, and you don’t need it... Hmmm..." You don't do research before you buy something???
  8. They still have full integration, with edit in....It's a roundtrip to either of the two apps but you can go back and forth as you like. The tools in Publisher are basic, so you can do all the edits you like either being basic or expert. As Haakoo also suggested. Full integration would mean no need for the stand alone versions, or if you interpret it differently all features used in the stand alone apps. There is only so much room for menu's etc in an app so combining all 3 into one app would mean sacrifises, wich expert don't want, they need the extended set of features in the stand alone apps. Studiolink is far from being a dissapointment to me and a lot of other users... You have the power of basic edits at your fingertips or extended features of each app with edit in...best of both worlds. I think the words very dissapointing is a bit harsh...Studiolink offers way more then any competition.
  9. Tourmaline

    Merge PDF?

    Best tool would still be Acrobat Pro...
  10. So basically you expected a full Designer and Photo integration for the price of Publisher alone? If so, what purpose have the stand alone versions if this was the case?!
  11. This is allready on the roadmap for a v2 of Designer.
  12. It shows Designer and Photo previews but NOT Publisher previews... I have all 3 working in Windows 10 explorer though.
  13. Tourmaline

    shortcut keyboards

    2 million users now. A specific keyboard for Affinity line of products would be welcome only if they make it a mechanical one. These are way better then any cheap keyboard.
  14. Tourmaline

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Adobe killed that one off just fine...
  15. This is an option available in Microsoft Visio as well. You can set the scale/factor and draw schematics. Defenately a Designer function.