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  1. If you have more then 1 Microsoft account, then yes, that is possible. But it's not something Serif want you to do...
  2. Good, then I can vote again....
  3. Yeah, neat trick from Microsoft. They are changing the rules again, lol.
  4. If you want a really good video editor, grab this one:
  5. If you really had to add it, then Designer or Photo would be a better choice, certainly NOT Publisher.
  6. That's because they bought some products and didn't develop them themselfs.
  7. I personally would like to have robust table support as it is used more and more for enhanced tab function. Also in Indesign a lot of people use tables instead of tabs for layout. To be able to move a cell up and down and left and right would also be welcome. For fonts I use Extensis Fusion 8. Easy font management and easy on and off for projects. For some programs also auto activation. Unfortunately not yet for Designer and Photo. Although I asked Extensis to support those applications. We'll see. But it's also very easy to activate manually. It has been revamped and it's really fast and stable now. "Round-trip editing (right-click graphic, go to app, edit, save come back, change is shown) PSD, TIFF, AI, native Photo files, native Designer files" I think this part is allready taken care of in a special way by Serif: Direct Designer and Photo integration?! Would be something rather special indeed.
  8. Personally I would opt for a stable basic layout program. You can add bells and whistles later.
  9. Precisely, couldn't find anything about voting.
  10. You could always use "my" method... No, just kidding. This is all I could find about the votes: Leveraging the latest Windows 10 capabilities Exploring the latest Windows 10 features and capabilities, the winner of this award pushes the envelope and sets a new bar for what is possible for developing on the Windows 10 platform. This award recognizes an application creator that leverages the latest Windows 10 capabilities and APIs such as Fluent Design System, Ink, Hello, and Microsoft Graph. Has to be published in Microsoft Store Has to be leveraging SDK 15063 or later Has to creatively leverage Windows 10 capabilities like Ink, Dial, Microsoft Graph, MyPeople, Live Tiles/Notifications, etc.
  11. 1 vote per account, if Microsoft was really concerned they should have locked the ip-adres to 1 vote only. And I am quite sure "smart" people from the competition have done the same. Maybe also more Designer users you don't even know off. If you wanted to do really bad, you could create for every vote a new account. Every time you click on vote there is an option to create a new account. Don't blame me for finding the plotholes.LOL.
  12. Probably a good one as well, since it would have taken even longer to put out the beta's. For now we can come by with other software.
  13. If you want to make a really good mirror tool then have a look at this one: This company makes excellent plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator. I have most of them and they are all excellent.