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  1. I allready own all of your products but I think it's a great initiative. Keep up the good work.
  2. Problem now is that most software is mature and less and less usefull upgrades will be implemented. Best solution for companies is the subscription model.
  3. Professionally used a lot is Extensis Suitcase. The last perpetual version is Fusion 9. Fusion 10 is unfortunately subscription only. Rightfont also has Auto-activation for the Affinity Suite. The Windows version is in the works. You can sign up for a beta, when its available.
  4. On PC I had to install a dictionary to make auto correct work. My language isn't supported out of the box. You also have to activate this feature. In order to make it work, check the box in edit-preferences-auto-correct for "replace text while typing". Then activate it under Text-spelling-"replace text while typing". My dictionary is working perfectly while typing but under preferences - auto-correct I also don't have a list like seen above.
  5. Implementing a feature that doesn't meet the standards is usually not a good thing. People will complain about the quality produced.
  6. Mesh tool was allready on the roadmap. There is no roadmap on the fora anymore but they might be working on it.
  7. A professional using Vector Magic every day will make money by eliminating time and thus cost. In that respect it's not even that expensive. It is priced for pro's not for average users. Just like Photoshop is priced for pro's. If you make money with the tools, cost is relative.
  8. History panel. Here you can select the style you want to remove without removing anything else. If you just used the style, do CTRL-Z. to remove the style used. Effects can be edited, styles not.
  9. Don't act like you know more then a developer/designer. Not every workflow is the same and I don't have any problems. Either you change your workflow or deal with it. Not every user fault is a designer/developer flaw.
  10. I can run 3 programs simulataniously without any problems, so? I can comprehend that you got a problem.
  11. Instead of mac, buy a real computer, a Windows computer, no problems...
  12. The lack of response just means they don't comment on roadmaps. We'll see what's next in the 1.9 update. There's a lot of people demanding their features to be includes asap, so what to include next?
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