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  1. The all look straight on my monitor when i draw lines and cubes and when i zoom in or out. Might be your grapics card.
  2. Yeah and I remember people complaining about Adobe to not implement features customers wanted. It's still the same.....
  3. Yup and now also need a subscription for Pantone again to work in Photoshop.... Creatives who understandably want to continue using the industry-standard color system are expected to pay a $15 monthly / $90 annual subscription for a Pantone license via the Adobe Pantone Connect plugin.
  4. No problem here installing the suite. After downloading, clicked on the files and they installed without any problem. Activate the account...
  5. You have to switch to the PIXEL persona(top left, second icon), then you will see them under the brush tab... There is a difference between vector en bitmap brushes. Bitmap work in designer and Photo but vector brushes only work in Designer.
  6. Nothing is as cheap as they were......Inflation for most European countries is way over 10% now...
  7. Most call it that way because most will upgrade from v1. For them it's an upgrade price.
  8. I can see why footnotes, endnotes en sidenotes were given priority....Everybody was screaming for them.....Just a matter of priority...It might still come to v2.01. If you have limited manpower, you have to set priorities...It's not like Adobe that they have development teams for every new feature...... As Adobe Certified Expert said, the first incarnations of Photoshop were far from perfect either. Give them time...
  9. I am not. I think it's a very reasonable price given what you get... If you're used to other prices, this is a no brainer. Some plug-ins for Photoshop were more expensive then the whole suite today. The plug-ins for Illustrator from Astute Graphics for instance, wich are brilliant, cost way more then the suite.....If you see everything in perspective, it's really not that bad at all. I already own v2...Now to get the grips of the new features...I am confident they will add more cool stuff to v2.......
  10. buy the apps on sale....black friday is comming up soon or at christmas time....
  11. So did I at the time, but prices have gone up since 5 years have been past...I think it's quite reasonable considering prices of other companies. I Would like to pay prices of 20 years ago for gas and electrical bill but that is not going to happen, is it.Given situation at this point, it's a fair price.
  12. Might have to do with tax rates. American price is usually shown without tax added. not sure in the UK.
  13. You are blindfolded. Introductory price is way less...€120 for 3 apps and universal license is a great deal....That's €40 per app, less then your original price... Prices might drop in time, as they have done in the past and lots of rebates...
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