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  1. As title says. This was possible before 1.8 when not in preview mode and it would be nice to have it back.
  2. Hi, the option to safe a modified embedded document, which was modified in APu, should be made available. Description: I place an Affinity file in an APu document and modify it via double clicking on it. I have the opportunity to use Designer and Photo tools, thats cool and fine! However, I cannot safe the modified file as an Affinity file, instead this option is grayed out under the Files menue. It would be nice, for a reuse of the same file in a later time or so. I can export it as PSD, though, however this seems like a poor workaround for it (e.g. arrows turn to lines...) Things get more complicated, when u have nested modified documents, I assume, but still, it would be great to have this option. Edit: One can copy all layers and open a Designer file from clipboard for instance. But this also does mess up the alignements of the layers a bit.
  3. My question is: Say I have a group of lets say 40 rectangles. Is it possible to set them all to a similar width and height in a short way, or do I have to go through every rectangle and insert my width and height? Many thanks for your answer! Miles
  4. I really like the layer window, it is super useful to sorting, or selecting the objects one wants to work with. However after a short time within a more complicated project there are often many layers of wich only maximum 9 can be seen within the layer window, due to the thickness of the thumbnail size (this is already with small thumbnails and I am not sure how this is dependant on the screen resolution eg. I am using a 1920x1080 screen). It would be nice if one could for example zoom out and in within the layer window. I could easily live with thumbnails and text half the size, maybe even smaller, and I think it would have some not so small impact on productivity, if I am able to go through all layers in a qicker time or have more in view at once than 9. Maybe this function is already incorporated or maybe there are some advanced settings for the thumbnail sizes there? Best regards Miles
  5. I would like to suggest a feature to show the cursor coordinates in Designer. This can be pixel or any unit of length. I find it very useful for quickly rescaling parts of graphics or whole graphics to have the coordinates of certain points with a quick look. Rulers at the top and left of the picture are not sufficient as they are not precise enough, however they imply that this information is available already. There is something like this in Photo I think. Farer a tool to measure distances would be the next step then ;). Best Miles
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