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  1. Hello Affinity People, good job so far. But there are some very essential things that designers need (in order to get them away from Indesign): - There must be am option to put more than 2 pages together as facing pages. I often have brochures with a folded page at the end of the brochure. Yes I can do this with a workaround using spreadsizes but this is very uncomfortable when exporting single pages (I have to cut them by hand). - It is essential to have inline graphics within a text. One example: I have a lot of logos to put in a very long dokument with company portaits. Then you have to insert another portrait at the beginning. Text will flow but te logos have to be placed by hand. This can drive you crazy without inline graphics. - And of course: visible lines around the page and the bleed area an yes a quick preview where all lines and grids are invisible. Go on. You're on the right way. Regards, Steven