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  1. Thanks everybody for the good replies. Indeed, I must have missed this option because it was at a rather unexpected place. Having said that, I have to admit that the options and control over the alignment far exceed my expectations. Great job! May I, however, still recommend to move this to the "Paragraph" options? The way it works it is much more related to hyphenation and paragraph alignment than to how characters are displayed. Other than that – perfect! (at least until I find time to test this feature a bit more thoroughly... ) Cheers /sascha
  2. Hello all, I've only just downloaded Publisher Beta and my first impression of it is very good, indeed. Keep up the good work! :-) The first thing I've noticed however is that I can't find an option for hanging punctuation. I don't know if it doesn't exist (in which case it should really be added) or if it's just too hidden (so it should probably be easier to find ;-) For those who don't know it: what happens in "hanging punctuation" is that, e.g. a line of justified or right-aligned text that has a punctuation in the end, this punctuation mark would be moved a bit further to the right than the letters of other lines, so that the alignment is more visually even. Admittedly, that's a "pro" feature and not everybody would know how to use it, but as the saying goes: many trifles make perfection. Best regards /sascha
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