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  1. nikolai.ylirotu

    Affinity Designer for macOS - 1.7.2

    Well done and thank you !!
  2. One thing what I miss is a appearing colour droppers icon when you press Alt. Now you see brushes icon and it is not the easiest way to select certain point and certain colour with 20 pixels wide brush.
  3. nikolai.ylirotu

    Crop images in publisher

    After testing different ways to mask, more and more I love this propgram...
  4. Thank you. That would be very natural way to proceed. NY
  5. One thing I really miss in Beta is possibility to add external editors. It would be very handy to open image straight from Publisher to Photo. AND save them back and to see changes. grs Nikolai Ylirotu
  6. Hi MEB I am using 1.6.7. Cannot get similar command from channel panel. What went wrong? grs Nikolai
  7. Hi In Photoshop is possible to create outline from selection. I can use Outline to create same, but quality is quite awful. Another way would be to create path from selection. Is it already in roadmap and when it would appear to AP? - Nikolai
  8. nikolai.ylirotu

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone I'am Nikolai Ylirotu, 49 years old graphic designer and UIX designer from Finland. I have used PS and other Adobe products since 1991. So, I have new and interesting new path with Affinity products waiting. Other areas of interest are heraldry, logos and trademarks. I used to use Freehand for design but Affinity Designer, by trial, seems to be next program to use. What I want. Usability, it is number one. I have now used trial versions and now having Affinity Photo for productions. Few things Id like to get to AP. One is presized or preratioed selections. I create website mockups and I have to create standard size elements, like images and buttons. Second is upgrade for info box. If I have an area selected, it would be good to see the size of area. Now these figures goes "blank".
  9. Cannot wait Thank you for your fast reply Nikolai
  10. Hi Is it possible to flow text from one text frame to another in Affinity Designer? Or connect text frames to each others. I make small publishing and this feature would be very helpfull. Nikolai
  11. Hi ! Is it possible to kern whole row or chapter, instead of one character? kr Nikolai Ylirotu Finland
  12. Hi Affinity people I am also asking trial version before buying your very promising software. I have worked with Photoshop since 1991 and love it, but I don not want to be Adobes money slave and pay monthly fee for them. So if there is link/place to download trial, inform me. Thank you. grs. Nikolai Ylirotu