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    NilsFinken reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo Workbook   
    Every time the stock runs out we check to see if any typos need correction or changes are required before we reprint.
    The book has already been reviewed in relation to 1.7 and the Workbooks being sold are 100% suitable to be followed in 1.7 despite the software changes.
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    NilsFinken reacted to AdamW in Affinity Publisher Public Beta - (RC1)   
    Status: Release Candidate
    Purpose: Improvements and Fixes
    Requirements: Mac OS 10.9 or above
    Download: Download here
    Auto-update: Available
    We are pleased to announce that Affinity Publisher build 384 (RC1) is now available as a download from the link above. To be notified of further updates please press follow on this announcement thread.
    We are very happy with Affinity Publisher 1.7 and are moving towards the final stages for launch, but would still urge some caution with respect to using this version for critical work as it is still possible we may have missed something that may cause you issues.
    That said, please note that we aren’t done yet - we are still working through reported bugs and hope to fix as many as possible before launch. After launch we will start a new Customer Beta for those who wish to have early access to on-going updates and fixes.
    We hope you enjoy the product, and as always, if you've got any problems installing or running up, please don't hesitate to post in this thread. 
    Any problems actually using this version please make a new topic in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please feel free to leave general suggestions and comments in the Discussion Forum. 
    Many thanks for your continued feedback.
    Fixes / Improvements
    Open / Import / Export
    Publisher now offer to convert Artboards to spreads for Photo documents as well as Designer documents
    Warn before Export / Print if there are linked resource issues
    Fixed PDF Export issue with zero height lines
    Fixed RTF Export issue / crash when copy pasting text from Publisher
    PDF Export - Fix for Greyscale export of RGB documents / placed RGB images
    (Win) Fixed "Export text as curves" for EPS export
    (Win) Fix for documents with facing pages always showing Page 1 when opened
    Tools / Panels
    Better handling of Convert To Curves for text frames
    Fix crash with localised swatch names
    Fixes for TOC Panel layout on windows
    Selecting text with keyboard would switch between pages at the wrong point
    Fix crash when deleting path of Path Text
    Tweaked attributes for text inserted after line break
    Fixes for updates to Global Colours used in the StyleSheet
    Fixes for Baseline Grid and Vertical Justify when text Baseline Grid text attribute is not set
    Fixes for Bullet / Numbered List text UI
    Fix for duplication of Pinned Text nodes
    (Win) Font traits aren't always correctly highlighted in dropdown
    (Win) Fixed Detach Paragraph from Text Style
    Fixed hang editing Tables due to rounding errors when fitting text
    Decorations fixed for rotated text in Table Cells
    Fixes for Cell selection issues
    Resource Manager
    Better management on selection in Resource Manager when working with resources
    Fixes for Posterize adjustment
    Earlier Release Notes Beta 376
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    NilsFinken reacted to jmwellborn in How big is the Affinity team?   
    To me they are an incredibly impressive company with massive brains and endless efforts to achieve excellence.   
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    NilsFinken got a reaction from Aongus Collins in Street Maps Etc ADe 1.7 (split)   
    Indeed you can, at least when using different layers for different types of strokes:

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    NilsFinken reacted to michacassola in Publisher to be released in (less than) 3 weeks time.   
    Dear Affinity Team, thanks for continued provision of excellent and affordable graphics design software!
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    NilsFinken reacted to jmwellborn in Publisher to be released in (less than) 3 weeks time.   
    Until we have our lovely new release Publisher firmly placed on the dock in the middle with Photo and Designer on either side.   Mine is already preordered, and I am so happy for you all at Affinity.  You have worked so tirelessly, so patiently, and so brilliantly to bring this to us.    Thank you again and again!!
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    NilsFinken reacted to mapline in Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0   
    Thank you for all your hard works and making Affinity Photo even better.
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    NilsFinken reacted to Alfred in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to the retail release in the coming weeks!
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    NilsFinken reacted to jcalsos in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    From the download page that was opened when the program prompted me to get the new version, It downloaded the current version. That resulted in the Repair and Uninstall options. But the link at the top of this thread has the correct .337 update.
    Here is the link again.
    Please Click here to download the latest beta for Windows
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    NilsFinken reacted to Ralph in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    Build 337 installed & worked perfectly. Picking up on Walt's comment about Windows, I have received a flurry of Windows Updates over the last fortnight. All have been installed.
    I am very impressed with the speed of response of the development team. It engenders a whole lot of confidence. 
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    NilsFinken reacted to Petar Petrenko in Footnotes/Endnotes   
    +1 for footnotes and endnotes.
    I think "sidenotes" are solved now by adding the new feature -> pinned objects.
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    NilsFinken reacted to Patrick Connor in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    Until Affinity Publisher supports anchored / attached objects in flowing documents docx import is not going to be satisfactory to anyone with more than text in their files. There's an orderly way to develop Affinity Publisher and we are building from the ground up. All in good time.
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    NilsFinken reacted to jaycanuck74 in Publisher in the field   
    Just wanted to write and extend a massive thank-you for the folks at Serif for their excellent software. I made the full move away from the other guys 4 months ago. Risky...as it's suggested that Publisher not be used full time while it's in beta.
    I'd like to say that I've been using all 3 every day...and I'm currently working on election campaign material here in Eastern Canada. I would say with 99% success. There are a couple of small things...and perhaps when I have time to breathe I'll write another post. This is just to give a massive thank you to Serif.
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    NilsFinken reacted to Loquos in Photo Captions   
    Any chance there will be a Caption feature in Publisher? Preferably one that works better than InDesign does!
    Essentially, you'd set up a paragraph style for photo captions, then right click an image and tell it to insert the caption (either static or live).
    Even more awesome would be if there was a better way to automatically say how it should line up (with the bottom edge of the caption level with the bottom edge of the photo, etc.) and to expand (up/down or sideways) to allow for the amount of text in the caption.
    Attaching IDs current settings for this feature, though only for clarification on what I'm talking about. :-)

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    NilsFinken reacted to Rick G in Publisher Icon bland and boring?   
    I liked the 1.6 icons a lot better. The new "minimalist" look if for the birds. The older icons show a classy design
    Here is my task bar. The Affinity icons look flat compared to the others

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    NilsFinken reacted to Michael117 in Publisher Icon bland and boring?   
    @PathfinderPro & @fde101
    I agree with you both.  The "A" shape of the 1.6 icons and the interior design both let you see at a glance what those applications are for. I just don't get what the Publisher icon is trying to represent. I don't see sheets of paper in the icon and with the square design it's a little harder to see the "A". The other thing that bothers me a bit is the color.  Both Designer and Photo's icons have colors that pop.  I'm not a Marketing person, so I can only speak for my personal perspective but I'm not a fan of the new iconography.  instead of straight lines, I think it would look more representative if the lines were curled, like when you are flipping through the pages of a book or magazine.
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    NilsFinken reacted to BLKay in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    Everyone has different needs here. If you run a publication and need to change ads every week/month/year, the file is never “finished” as you say. I have 1000’s of files, some old advertisers that may return.  On the other hand I do not disagree with you because in the past I have had to start over with new software without the ease of opening a PDF with publisher, which in my works works great. I use CS4 though and can just make a PDF. Users of CC would have to sign up and pay for a month just to open one ad they need. THAT is painful. Or make PDFs or idml’s of 1000’s of files while still licensed in CC. Ouch. It’s the never ever plan.  I know adobe would NEVER do this but they should SELL software (not rent) which allows batching the transfer of CC files to PDF or idml.  Perhaps markzware? Truly with CC you are handcuffed.  Or an InDesign “elements” would be awesome. 
    Note:  I am trying InDesign CC this week. It’s no faster than CS4. I think it’s a bit slower. 2013 i7 3.5 ghz imac. My main job for InDesign is designing ads and a magazine but perhaps the most complex thing I do is a city map. Yes, in InDesign.  People said use illustrator. Tried it. NO THANKS.  worst software ever.  I mean EVERRRRRR as in illustrator 88 to cs4.  Not one ounce of intuitive.  Of course I’m use to InDesign.  Nodes in both software is hell though. Probably much improved by now or even Cs5 to CC.  Publisher on the other hand seemed pretty good with nodes and what I need to do a map.  One thing missing was the ability to place text perfectly on the center and as part of a line for streets with names. So I do them separately.  InDesign did this but not well enough.  
    So that’s my need for InDesign and publisher. No job is ever really finished because they are periodicals. 
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    NilsFinken reacted to ChrisBorry in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    I do not understand the persistent moaning about Indesign files.
    Export to pdf & archive. For text, click in text & export to Word if that is the problem. Perform "Package” for all non-text.
    Ask a friend how you to batch (or automate) this, in case you want to do that with ‘many’ files.
    If this is not sufficient, simply use... Indesign.
    I do not understand the need for opening Indesign files. Nobody sends Indesign files to someone else. An Indesign-file is only in use as long as your job has not been finalised.
    So what is the problem ?
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    NilsFinken got a reaction from AdamW in Beta not installing   
    GRH was right. I, too, have successfully installed the new Beta.
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    NilsFinken got a reaction from AdamW in Beta not installing   
    GRH was right. I, too, have successfully installed the new Beta.
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    NilsFinken reacted to GRH in Beta not installing   
    Having seen RICH313's success in following Patrick's suggestion detailed above I decided to try it again in case I missed something. I did, I didn't change the scaling as well.
    This time I only changed the scaling, as per RICH313 example above, I went down to 175%, but still nothing changed. I was about to change the resolution as well and try again when the following, under 'Scale and Layout', caught my eye:
    "Some apps won't respond to scaling changes until you sign out".
    I signed out and back in again, ran the update and it worked. Hooray!
    Thanks Patrick - not a 'stupid' sounding suggestion at all, but bang on target, and thanks too, to all who posted - we got there in the end.
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    NilsFinken got a reaction from GRH in Beta not installing   
    I have the same problem (Win10). Installation of previous beta versions was never a problem before.
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    NilsFinken reacted to mykee in Affinity Publisher Public Beta - (Windows)   
    @pdussart  "no spelling/hyphenation etc other that English." For hyphenation use HunSpell, can install this to C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries folder as fr-FR, and filenames use "_" and no "-", like: fr_FR.dic, fr_FR.aff,  hyph_fr_FR.dic    This works!
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    NilsFinken reacted to StuartRc in Affinity Publisher Public Beta - (Windows)   
    installation successful without issues...and a long list of fixes...Appreciate all the hard wok...
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    NilsFinken got a reaction from jurgenm91 in Affinity Publisher Public Beta - (Windows)   
    You guys at Serif really are amazing! Thanks for all your hard work!