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    NilsFinken reacted to Yvonne Kaal in Project Brush Set 13/15: Textured Pencils and Ink Sketch Brushes   
    Thank you so much! I really enjoy using them
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    NilsFinken reacted to StuartRc in Project Brush Set 13/15: Textured Pencils and Ink Sketch Brushes   
    Textured Pencils
    Added a set of 30 Textured Pencil Raster Brushes to Resources
    Sample set as displayed

    These Brushes are a bit different from my usual offering.
    1. They are small
    2. Rely largely on setting the blend mode to Average (something I learnt from Sketchbook Pro!)
    3. Resize as you wish
    4. Brush test here


    Project Brush - Textured Pencil.zip
    Ink Sketch Brushes
    Added a new set to supplement these brushes from the Project Brush 13:Ink Painter Set  (which is now complete)..a bit out of sync as I started them quite a while ago!
    A set of 35 Ink Sketching Raster Brushes to Resources
    Sample set as displayed
    1. These are essentially the same as the Pencil Brushes but with adjustments to the brush dynamics and less texture..There are 2 other sets that supplement these in the InkPainter Project set (Ink & Linear)
    2. Similar to brushes produced by Jake Parker for initial Inktober Project 2016
    3. If you need textures/Patterns There is a set available Camouflage assets (here) ...which is also out of sync...and maybe in the wrong place!

    inkPainter - Sketching.zip
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    NilsFinken reacted to Mensch Mesch in FLOWER POWER Brushes   
    Hey folks!
    I've created a little collection of some flower brushes for AP and AD (Pixel Persona). Hope you like it.

    You can download the brushes here: FLOWER-POWER-by-MENSCH-MESCH.afbrushes.zip [12.3 MB]
    Unzip the downloaded zip-file. Install the FLOWER-POWER-by-MENSCH-MESCH.afbrushes file in your brush panel.  

    Keep on drawin'
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    NilsFinken reacted to Mithferion in Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts   
    Well, as promised, I made a new check and made some deletions of Fonts that no longer are Free for Commercial Use... but to compensate for that, new ones will come later. For now, I have this added:
    SANS SERIF - Noto Sans. Similar to Open Sans, with a huge range of styles Best regards!
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    NilsFinken reacted to Jon P in Missing Font   
    Is the file still crashing on open? If so we will need the file
    The missing font error is likely because of a missing font inside a document in your file, if you go to the Preflight options and untick to look inside embedded documents for the missing font check it should disappear
  6. Haha
    NilsFinken reacted to Solly in A perfect circle has 360°?   
    Welcome to the world of computer representation of rational numbers. Rounding will always take place somewhere. Here you see a 0.00000278% error. This topic of numerical representation was an active topic of discussion in computer languages, programming, and scientific calculations in my student days in the early 1970's. The answer to the problem was always, "what amount of error no longer makes a difference in the result for practical purposes?" To think of it another way, a 360 degree circle is an ideal that is approximated to any degree of precision. The more like the ideal, the more time and expense involved. A more precise measuring instrument is more expensive. Very few of us have need of a micrometer for everyday use around the house, but someone wanting to track paper thickness would certainly have one. There's nothing to see here, move along.
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    NilsFinken reacted to GarryP in Camera Shutter Logo   
    Inspired by a grey-scale design I saw on a stock vector website I decided to try and make a colour version of my own, and here’s the result.
    It’s not the most amazing illustration ever made, by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m actually quite happy with my shadows this time.
    All done in Designer, and a nice little practice exercise.

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    NilsFinken reacted to Dave Vector in Layers Guide - Understanding Masks, Moves, Crops, Clips, and Adjustments   
    Have you ever tried to arrange objects in the layers panel only to loose them, and then find it nestled in a collapsed group of objects?  
    Ever try and move an object so it clips anther object and it ends up with an unexpected result?  
    Ever wonder what those enigmatic icons in the layer thumbnails are trying to tell you?
    This guide is for anyone with those questions. From folks that are new to Affinity Products, to people who has been using it for years and struggled with the behaviour of layers.  This 3-page visual how-to guide will hopefully help reveal any or all of the cryptic layer mysteries!
    The guide is in English for desktop versions of the products, designed the Windows version, tested mostly in Affinity Designer, but should translate well to Affinity Photo and Publisher.
    I would love to hear your feedback, if you notice any errors, have any additions, and/or let me know if it helps you, please chime in!
    NOTE: PDF DOWNLOAD AT THE BOTTOM.  Please download it!
    Dave Vector

    Affinity Layers Guide - Understanding Masks, Moves, Crops, Clips, Adjustments.pdf
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    NilsFinken reacted to Lagarto in Gutter, any tips on how to add to existing document?   
    I hope you only need to adjust the margins and not change the column widths as otherwise you may need to redo the layout to some extent.
    How much manual work is involved in the change depends much on details, but there are certain tricks that might be useful.
    Changing the margins for all pages within the publication only adjusts the visible margins of the document. How you will adjust the positions of the actual text frames depends on whether you have text flown in text frames that are based on master pages, or if they are independent text frames created on actual pages. If former, you would reposition the text frames on the master pages, and the related text frames on actual pages would automatically be repositioned (e.g., page numbers at least might be positioned on master pages so you would get them repositioned this way).
    However, if the text frames have been created directly on pages, you would need to reposition them manually for each page -- unless you have a very simple layout e.g. a text book where text is flown in equal text frames throughout the book. If so, you could just select all text, cut it in the Pasteboard, remove all pages except the first one, then reposition the only remaining text frame on page one, and paste the text from the Clipboard. After that, you would autoflow the text to recreate the text frames in correct positions.
    But here comes the trick, and this might be worth a try with certain kinds of documents, where text frames have been created as independent frames on actual pages.
    Assume that you have an A4 portrait size facing pages document where left and right margins are set to 25mm (the default, I think), but you'd need to have 30 mm inner and 20 mm outer margins. You could achieve this by first changing the width of the format to 220 x 297 mm (that is, increase the width of page by 10mm) and ensure that you have in the Scaling tab text frames anchored to middle of the page. This would result in text frames be repositioned by 5 mm from the spine both on the left and right pages of the document so you'd now have the correct inner margin (30 mm). Next you would change the format back to A4 but do it by specifying the size as a spread width, i.e. 2 x 210 mm = 420 mm, and this time ensure that you have in the Scaling tab text frames anchored to middle of the spread:
    This would make the document correct size and retain the current positions of the text frames (because they were anchored relative to the middle of the spread). This means you'd now have 30mm inner margin and 20 mm outer margin throughout the publication, and text frames automatically repositioned. The remaining job would be to set the first and last odd page sizes to A4, since they were changed from A4 to A3 at the time of the repositioning trick. And changing the visual margins to 30 mm inner and 20 mm outer positions, if you have not done so yet.
    A word of warning though: I have tested this only with simple text documents so if you have complex layout where graphic, photos and other objects have been placed on pages, whether pinned or not pinned, the things might get really complex so manual repositioning might be the only solution.
    It would be useful if the anchoring options would include support for mirrored (facing) pages so that text frames could be anchored e.g. to outer margins, and even when adjusting just margins, without rescaling the document. That would make these kinds of changes a trivial job. (EDIT: Ideal solution for simple layouts would be offering something similar as in InDesign, where adjusting margins on the master page with layout adjustment option turned on, would automatically reposition (and also resize) text frames on actual pages, whether master page based or independent, accordingly; but this only works well with layouts where single text frames align to margins).
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    NilsFinken reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.8.3   
    1.8.2 -> 1.8.3 cycle has been the first release which has been done entirely while working from home. We appreciate your thoughts.
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    NilsFinken reacted to R_G in Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.8.3   
    Thanks to everyone involved for bringing us this despite the current situation.
    Glad to hear you're working from home, please continue to stay safe!
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    NilsFinken reacted to Aongus Collins in Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.8.3   
    Thank you for your hard work and rapid response especially, as mentioned above, under the current emergency circumstances.
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    NilsFinken reacted to PhotoCat in Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.8.3   
    The Affinity design team continues to amaze me!  Keep safe and thanks again for continuing to make Affinity better and better.
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    NilsFinken reacted to R_G in Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.8.3   
    Big thanks to the people at Serif for bringing us updates despite the current situation.
    Please keep staying safe and all the best to you, your family and friends!
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    NilsFinken reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.8.3   
    All Readers
    This thread is solely for commenting on this announcement.
    Please do not post bugs or problems that you find when using this version of the software in this thread, instead make a new thread in the Photo Bugs on Windows section and questions about usage go in the Desktop Questions forum.
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    NilsFinken reacted to Sarasota in Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.8.3   
    Thanks for the update, much appreciated! The fact that you guys are still cranking on updates during these hectic, stressful, and unsafe times is amazing - 😎 
    Have a great weekend and please stay safe.
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    NilsFinken reacted to walt.farrell in Textstyle global   
    If you look at the Text Styles studio panel, one of the options available is "Save Styles as Default". That should take care of what you want

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    NilsFinken reacted to Patrick Connor in Serious Errors Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - (Release Candidate)   
    We have replicated your problems now and reported them to the developers.
    The export crash #6 is a regression and so severe that 1.8.3 will be released very soon with that and some other high priority issues addressed.
    Not everything that is reported is fixed in the next release, as we have to prioritise fixes. 
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    NilsFinken reacted to Tupaia in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - (Release Candidate)   
    Thanks from me, too! It's a joy to work with Publisher!
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    NilsFinken reacted to Petar Petrenko in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - (Release Candidate)   
    As I can see, you work faster from home then from office.
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    NilsFinken reacted to D3moN in Brushes for technical drawings (fashion design)   
    Hey Guys,
    I'm a fashion design student and I switched from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Desginer.
    I don't want to use AD just for drawings but for technical drawings too.
    My problem: in Illustrator I had  brushes for zippers and stitches. Everytime I drew a straight line I could change the brush into a zipper or a stitch but for AD there is nothing like this pre made brushes available (or haven't found it yet).
    So, is it possible that someone can explain me how I make this brushes in AD or it would be nice if someone do it for me
    I attached you the ad file with the pre made shapes
    This is how they look

    Thank you in advance
    Fashion Brushes.afdesign
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    NilsFinken reacted to hashms0a in Brush Sets - Lines (Vector and Raster Brushes)   
    I made those brushes in my old projects, time to share them here.

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    NilsFinken reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta -   
    Click here to download the latest beta
    Status: Customer Beta
    Purpose: Fixes
    Requirements: A valid product key (for Affinity Store purchases), or an installation of the full retail version from the Microsoft Store

    As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents. We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post a new thread in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback. 

    If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum.
    Fixed PDF export failing due to colour profile being rejected wrongly Fixed rendering artefacts with small radius filter effects release notes
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    NilsFinken reacted to Joachim_L in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - (Release Candidate)   
    Wow, another update. You are fast. Thanks from a satisfied customer.
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    NilsFinken reacted to R_G in Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.8.2   
    Great to see updates with these fixes being offered so swiftly, much appreciated!
    Same goes for Designer and Publisher as well, big thanks and kudos to everyone involved!
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