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  1. This is one of my favorite moths seen many times over more than 60 years of insect watching. Thank you for sharing! —Joseph
  2. Kudos! That does look better for the soundboard. You may proceed to your next project now. 😉 PS: You mentioned cedar soundboard, which was new to me (I have always chosen spruce, but they are not classical guitars.) I spent an enjoyable time reading about spruce vs. cedar soundboards. So, thank you for sharing your Designer project and how you did it as well as getting me to check out some new, to me, information about guitar construction and wood choices. It made for a delightful day. 😁 —Solly
  3. A great first Designer illustration, Lou—I am impressed! If you do an update of this project I recommend you try to give some variation to the grain pattern in the guitar top. I don't think this would be easy, as adding noise to a photo is an easy way to present irregularity, but adding variable spacing between grain lines, some non linearity to the lines, and some variability to grain darkness would really make that spruce top stand out. Congratulations on your first Designer project and best wishes for many more, —Solly
  4. Jos, like you I really just use Affinity Photo, but I bought all three of version 1 to provide income to the company (for further software development) and to just have fun investigating the other products—whether I really use them much or not. I bought the Universal license for version 2 for exactly the same reasons. I know the company has done some things that have made some people grumpy, but I am sure lessons will be learned and future decisions will be better. Forty years as an educator has taught me that most folk really want to do well but will perform less than desired at times, not due to malicious intent, but due to lack of experience with some feature of the project—a feature they may have not experienced before. Life is full of these bumps for both humans and companies. Life is best when we encourage and help one another to do our best! —Solly
  5. I really like this representation of the Tree of Life motif—especially the emphasis on the hands reaching out. We all need to be reaching out to one another in support and friendship.
  6. Thank you for sharing—this brought a smile to my face this morning! 😁
  7. I think the Muffatina would be perfect for a nautical outing on the North Sea.
  8. The wobbit is definitely disconcerting. The ralf gives me the feeling I am looking at animal that could be quite squirrel-like. Thanks for the moment of cognitive dissonance.
  9. I got the first one to sync rapidly, but the second one took a few minutes. These kinds of images are always very fun to view. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Staff and Moderators are clearly marked. I have counted 27 responses from such in this thread since Feb 26, 2019. The company view has been stated multiple times and has been consistent. It may not be the answer I desire, but the concern has been addressed.
  11. Then I have done an exceedingly poor job of communication and have done Serif a huge disservice. —Joseph
  12. Radek, I also wish to have footnotes and endnotes available in Publisher, but I knew they were not there when I purchased Publisher because footnotes and endnotes were not listed as features in the very extensive Tech Specs for Publisher on the product page. Since the features are clearly stated on the products page, why are people surprised when a feature not listed is absent. This is akin to not reading a contract before signing and then being surprised by the actual details of the contract. Yes, folk get annoyed with me because I will actually read and study the contract before signing, and I always find that the details were not what I expected! At that point I either accept what I see or reject the offer. It is ultimately my responsibility to make sure my understanding and thoughts match the reality of the offer. Rarely do my first expectations match the final analysis. Take your time, study, evaluate, and never expect your first impressions to match the full picture. These are lessons I learned by scores of years of jumping to conclusions—some lessons are learned the hard way. Best wishes, —Joseph
  13. Well, the Black Friday Sale is now active. Refer to the store at: https://affinity.serif.com/store/ I predicted correctly that patience would be rewarded. —Joseph
  14. To help explain my earlier comment, a bit of my experience. I first started working with computers and software while in high school in the mid 1960's. I first learned programming in FORTRAN IV in a summer class in Altoona, PA using the McCracken text. We worked at teletype units connected by phone lines to the GE-215 computer in another part of the building. I have been around this stuff for a bit now. The most impressive aspect of the Affinity software line is the performance to price ratio at their regular price, and this low price gets significant discounts several times a year. I will purchase one of their tools that may not be fully useful to me yet (I really, really need footnotes to work nicely in Publisher) just to support the company. I was there at the start of the home computer era when folk paid high prices for little performance just because it was new and available. I worked with Solaris on Sun work stations with wonderful software on really nice equipment, but the software was rented at very high price, and if the rent was not paid, the licensing software locked out your data. See where Adobe learned its current strategy. Same experience with IBM in another venue. This does not happen with Affinity products! If finances are a real issue, there are plenty of open source choices one may work with—I have spent time with these and have learned much. While learning general concepts and strategies with open source software, choose how you spend discretionary funds. Instead of those little extra things we just enjoy because…, save the money instead until you have the funds needed to purchase Affinity products—when they have a reduced price. I often told my students that the three most critical qualities for success are attitude, attitude, and attitude. Be positive, be wise, and be patient. Best wishes to all adventurers in this fascinating domain, —Joseph Double word error edited.
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