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    Freid reacted to Seneca in Export idml file   
    I expressed my opinion about it before but I will say it again.
    To me being able to export to IDML from Publisher is extremely important. Nobody should expect a perfect match between applications. Even Adobe doesn't guarantee that. But the fact that I can open an IDML file in Publisher, inDesign or QuarkXpress is very reassuring.
    Just have a look at  how many people want to open PagePlus files in Publisher and they can't.
    To have a common denominator export such as IDML is just great.
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    Freid reacted to rizzosan67 in Export idml file   
    In addition to opening idml files, exporting to this format would be very useful.
    Many companies require source files in idml.
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    Freid reacted to emarillo in IDML export   
    I can't supply only print ready PDFs. Long story short: some projects of mine need to be re-edited in foreign Countries.
    I myself often receive .idml files from my clients: they have to be adapted to the Italian market, so a certain amount of work is equally needed in order to adjust the original layouts. The same goes for whoever received my files. 
    The ability to export in .idml from Publisher would absolutely be the right feature for my needs. 
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    Freid reacted to robskinn in IDML export   
    + 1 exporting IMDL. This is very important when working with other agencies. 
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    Freid reacted to belief-begin-conjoin in IDML export   
    So true. I would be nice to be able to fully commit to Affinity.
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    Freid reacted to jaycanuck74 in IDML export   
    + 1 for exporting IDML. Currently facing a project where I would need to give the client IDML files.  I will probably have to revert into CS5 for this.
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    Freid reacted to Burny in IDML export   
    Most grafic designers need to work with partners who use adobe products. Exporting in idml format is essential for most of us and I think Serif knows this. Anyway, I hope so ... I don't think anyone here wants a world where you only work with one brand of software. :p
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    Freid reacted to Aphelon in IDML export   
    +1 for idml export... being somewhat compatible with indesign/ the ability to exchange editable poject files would be great.
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    Freid reacted to AK_CCM in IDML export   
    Hello all,
    I am responsible for public relations at the German Mycological Society and create all my printing templates with Affinity Publisher. However, a colleague from the Presidium, who also designs printed matter, has been working with Indesign for years. Neither she nor I want to learn how to use the other app. Besides, I am not willing to spend money of our society for this and certainly not my own.
    I myself have an easy job importing her data: She exports her documents as PDF/X-4 files with image compression disabled. I open them and save them as .afpub files. With version 1.8 I can now also use IDML import.
    But how can my colleague open my .afpub or .pdf files? Unfortunately, Indesign can only open .pdf files as images. And .afpub files aren't supported, if I remember correctly. But without being able to exchange the data in both directions, there is no efficient creative collaboration. In any case, I wouldn't know how.
    Because of that it would be great if Serif could add IDML export in future.
    Regards, Andreas
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    Freid reacted to PaoloT in IDML export   
    I think this has not been asked as of yet (at least, I can't find it when searching). Probably, most of us are interested in IDML import, since the most urgent thing is transitioning from ID to APublisher.
    However, I think that the ability of exporting IDML is still very important in a professional context.
    1) Most of the professional publishing sector will be based on ID for years, and being able to transfer our files to a larger workgroup is very important to have our work accepted.
    2) Computer aided translation tools are usually compatible with IDML files (and I can confirm they can be perfectly compatibile with ID). Translating our work will probably mean that the translators will ask us an IDML file.
    So, I hope to see this implemented in a near future version.
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    Freid reacted to Pšenda in buttons hidden by scroller   
    In Windows no problem.

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    Freid got a reaction from robinp in [ADe] Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance   
    oh !  +1 +1 +1 +1  Its essential in production. It should be a major priority.
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    Freid got a reaction from predick in [ADe] Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance   
    oh !  +1 +1 +1 +1  Its essential in production. It should be a major priority.
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    Freid reacted to boudewijndanser in [ADe] Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance   
    It would be very useful to have functions to select the same:
    Color fill stroke (color / width) Appearance To quickly select all your outlines, or background element in 1 color. 
    Speed is everything.  :)
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    Freid reacted to Ben in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    And, here is a video glimpse of some of the improvements coming to the Node tool.
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    Freid reacted to Ben in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    And, here a video showing the new rotate-on-plane feature of the Move tool.  A new shape is created into a grid, using the "Edit In Grid Plane" mode.  Then, with the mode on, any rotations maintain the grid plane perspective.
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    Freid reacted to FriendDesign in Select by color and object   
    I would like to know if there is such an option as "Selection by color or object." I need to change one color in an open project to another :unsure: . Manually it is uncomfortable to do for a long time :( . I very often use these functions in the illustrator. The choice of color and object does not pay due attention in all similar projects, and this function allows you to reduce time and money :wub: .
    I would very much like this feature to be awarded, or similar to it, for example the filter by color and outline, text and so on.
    Thank you for your work, very much I hope for an answer. :) 
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    Freid reacted to kga1978 in "Select same" - coming or not?   
    The lack of a "Select same [Appearance/attributes/etc]" has prevented me from using Affinity Designer for a couple of years now. The lack of this feature has been discussed on the forum before and I know it's on the road map - however, that has been the case for years now. I just wanted to see if there's a timeline for getting this included? Because this single feature is still missing, I'm unfortunately unable to make the switch from Illustrator.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Freid got a reaction from retrograde in Retro Vespa Vintage travel art   
    yeah this is cool ! Great colors and mood. I like it
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    Freid reacted to retrograde in Retro Vespa Vintage travel art   
    Hey all, in continuing my scooter series for Redbubble, here is a retro styled Vespa/travel poster look featuring a scootering lady about Rome.
    Lambretta will be next in the series.
    All done in Designer 1.6
    Check it out on my Redbubble site as well.

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    Freid reacted to GMPhotography in 2017 dozen favourites   
    A little early but not sure if I'll get out to do anymore photo's this year. If I do and I like it a lot, I'll add a 'bakers dozen' to this collection. Here are 12 of my favourite images of this year. Story behind a few: the NASA bubble image isn't obviously mine, but I added it because of the sheer amount of experience gained from editing their raw data into the final image; something I was unsure I could even accomplish. The image of the stone fence and leaves was added because I accomplished the task of converting an old K10D to full spectrum, myself Also learned a lot with that project. Finally, the photo's of the girls; I finally feel I am getting to a point where I can photograph them and do it well enough to do justice to their beauty and cuteness. The rest are favourites for various reasons, if you're curious just ask.

    2017DozenFaves by Greg Murray, on Flickr
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    Freid reacted to Henry Stahle in #affinityphotoillustration   
    Hi, I just started a new hashtag on Instagram: #affinityphotoillustration. I decided to do that because I am working on a picture book / app starting to use Affinity Photo instead of Photoshop. I will show some of my illustrations, all bitmap, no vectors, done in AP. It would be nice to see more illustrators using AP presenting art under the same #affinityphotoillustration tag. To get to now about you, to learn how you use this software and to get inspired from each other. See you on Instagram!

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    Freid reacted to Henry Stahle in #affinityphotoillustration   
    So far... nine illustrations made using Affinity Photo (and a little Designer). They are to be found on my Instagram (henrystahle) and I am using #affinityphotoillustration to show they are basicly all bitmap illustrations. The latest are from my recent project, an interactive app for Android and iOS. Me as an illustrator + a coder (LUA + Corona) that also animates and such. In Affinity I can use the slicing function for exporting, that is a big thing, it makes the work work, and easy exporting... Happy for that.

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    Freid got a reaction from Ash Eldritch in Inktobers   
    Some more    

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    Freid reacted to tokai in "Friends"   
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