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  1. Just awesome! I'd love to see a lesson on creating similar works !! Thank you for the gorgeous work!
  2. Hi guys! For a long time did not go, the work has now fallen. Yesterday I made a site for the client. Fast - about 30 minutes to work. Thank you for constant updates and program improvements! I want to congratulate the developers on their victory on Microsoft Developer Award! All creative successes!
  3. Thank you! Yes, they overdid the subscription ... And it's a pity, I've been working with their instruments for 14 years ...
  4. Today I did the design of the next site. And I remembered about the wonderful program that I bought and did not regret, it's Affinity Designer! Very powerful tools for UI, Web and advertising layouts. This is not advertising, it's just a statement of facts. Having worked almost half a lifetime in design, I came to the conclusion that nothing lasts forever in terms of tools for the designer;). Times change and need too. Now many tools have been developed that help to realize their ideas, and Affinity Designer does not take the last place. It's good that developers pay a lot of time and effort to ensure that the user is as convenient and effective as possible! Having worked in Affinity Designer, I can not go back to similar products of competitors, the habit is such a thing =)) sorry for my english =))
  5. OH NO! It's all so simple !!! Thank you!! Everything turned out;))). There is one more nuance associated with performance. I have a powerful computer, but I constantly feel the designer hanging up. This happens after I add 5 or more artboards to the file. I increased the file size in the settings, but it does not help, it starts to crumble sometimes ... What should I do?
  6. Hi Meb, Thanks for the quick response. How to check the x and y coordinates? The sizes of the regions are the same.
  7. Once the topic is close, let's ask a few questions. I make a web banner in the designer, and when I try to export, on all banners I have white one-pixel edges appearing, but on layouts everything is clear. How to delete these edges? In the area of export, the areas of the knife are not exactly in the art boards with exports? I'm trying to fit it to the art board, but it jumps for 1 pixel ... I hope I got a clear question. Thank you.
  8. It was very beautiful and realistic! Bravo!
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