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  1. bump. no way to memorize latest settings?
  2. I always used to customize my workspace putting all toolbars and apalettes on my secondary screen (I use 2 screens to extend desktop), as I do in Auocad, hptoshop, illustrator, word and so on. Anll worked weel in Aphoto and Adesigner. Moving from different personas in photo didn't make any issue. with 1.7 and 1.7.1 update in affinity designer and affinity photo the palettes position changes randomly. If I give an height to any of the palettes, passing throug another persona in Aphoto or switching to Adesigner results in palettes that change their height according to height of the last prgram/persona used. EXAMPLE attached to better explain. You can see the Photo persona with levels, history and other toolbars as I want them to be. On the red arrow, for example, the boundary between history and level palette. Choosing Develop persona the palette (already set to be all visible) uses the same height of the history palette on Photo persona. If I stretch the palette to fit my desires, when I come back to photo persona the history palette overlaps the levels palette with the height set on the last height change on develop persona. Same happens if I switch to designer and vice versa instead on sitching between personas.
  3. Another bug on the new A photo -designer. Clicking "sent to designer" on a drawing opens designer but then it freezes. What a lame update...
  4. ...with latest update, you have no saved shortcuts at all XD
  5. As in title, the last update made today made me loose ALL my customizations. Working area (minor issue) but mainly ALL shortcuts. And even using "import" th saved ones in version 1.6, nothing works. Is that normal?
  6. sorry, my fault. I'm talking about affinity photo. I'm not talking about the polygon tool, BUT the polygonal mode on free hand tool. see pic.
  7. I use free hand tool extensively in set of photos. If I select in the first on to use polygonal mode and "new boundary" mode, every time I swap from a photo to another I Have to re-select them they fall back to default "free hand" mode. there is no way to make free han tool in polygonal mode as default? OR, at least, make a shortcut to directly select that mode?
  8. when I open affinity (photo or designer) I always have the brush in the same dimension, or the front color in red, for example. Or if I use image distortion in AP, I always have to select "remove grid". when working with multiple files, it is frustrating that the program doesn't remember the last used settings: usually the last used setting for a tool/palette/command may be the most used one in a working process. hope in an update of that functionality.
  9. resunoiz

    copy/paste quality loss

    it happens with every kind of file. the file I showed above was trashed: the work was obviously finished with photoshop that doesn'thave that issue.
  10. If I make a "copy flattened" (ctrl+maiusc+C) and paste, the quality of the pasted element is very poor. see sample attached. you can see (follow the black line) how the pasted element is very very blurry.
  11. ok, thank you. this only applies to designer, right?