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  1. I choose to save my files to a certain place for a reason - those I'm actively working on are most easily found on my desktop and when I've finished, I can then file them away. "Where" I save the files should have no relevancy to permissions being granted - that seems to me quite preposterous. (I think that if you go into "updates and security" you can change whether or not you allow updates to run in the background and instead assign a time for them to occur, FYI.) I find AlainP's reply more feasible; if this is the issue, this should be easily remedied by allowing Affinity through.... Thanks all for your suggestions! As a "newbie", I'm quite impressed that others go out of their way to assist people like me - and I expect that I will be asking "stupid" questions as my learning curve intensifies (though I do try to search inet and "help" prior to doing so).
  2. I have been getting the permission denied on and off all day when exporting to PDF. It says that there is an error in exporting at this time...permission denied. Several different files, same outcome. I'm on deadline, so I have just continued trying until ... it suddenly decides there is no longer an error in exporting at this time? It is nonsensical and random.