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  1. Here you go. upload form the phone worked. Not sure why DropBox does this from my computer, it's the only service that times out. I've uploaded large videos to YouTube and while it took a long time, they still uploaded. DropBox is annoying. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xzhqm1he6df0p56/AAAOkw5xes5-Mv0I_fDxJPina?dl=0
  2. Yeah I wasn't sure. There was a check mark beside the files when i uploaded individually but all three times it sat at "1 minute left" for a long time. I will try and get them on my own dropbox using my phone. Sometimes that works.
  3. I *think* I've also uploaded a quick silent video of the red channel of a different target stacking fine, where two of the full original RAW files fail. I can't get the red green or blue channels to work on the RAW files I sent you. I will be checking to see if there is anything different in the metadata that might be causing issues?
  4. I think it worked. These two are a different target but just tried them and get the same issue.
  5. I will try two of them, seeing as I can't get even two to work, but unfortunately drop box and my upload speed do not get along in the slightest and uploading two RAW files might be impossible. Drop Box often times out and stops with 1% left. I'll give it a shot right now.
  6. More info: It will only stack the Red channel for sure. It takes only about 45s to complete. However, If i try any other kind of file or channel first, and have it fail, it will fail stacking the red as well. I physically have to quit the program and relaunch in order for the red channel to stack. If I stack the red cahnnel and try to stack it again for testing, I also have to quit the program and relaunch or the stack will fail. I left the computer running all night on a full colour stack, after the seemingly abortion of the task, and woke up to it sitting as it was: prepared to stack but no stack complete.
  7. Spoke too soon. It stacks the red channel but not the green or blue...
  8. I might have a work around. Converting my raw files into separated fits files. So each RGB channel is separated and saved as individual fits files. it'll be a lot of work, but may be worth it. I have to do that for all my files though, Darks, Bias, Flats... it's not ideal at all. The ideal would be to find a proper fix for this on Mac. I'm not sure of anyone else yet who has tried this on a MBP like myself, or Mac in general.
  9. Many hours for 12 lights and 6 darks? I will try and leave it over night but doubtful that will be the case. If it is, I'll opt for other software that takes only several minutes to do the same job.
  10. Hello? Any developers care to weigh in? I tried the beta but it wouldn't launch likely because there is no new BETA to replace it.
  11. I am having issues with astrophotography stacking of my RAW files. I realize 1.9 was literally just released but I thought I would ask. When stacking RAW Lights with/without Darks, it gets about 25% in and then suddenly just stops. I launched the Activity monitor and it's only using about 4.5GB of my 8GB of RAM. Anyone developers experience this? I'd love to use the feature, but if it doesn't work with smaller machines it's not much use to me. I've used these files in SiriL and others on this machine with no problems at all. MBP 2012 13" Catalina 10.15.7, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD + 500GB HDD (working off the SSD). 2.5ghz i5 TIFF files stack with no issues, but tiff are not ideal to use in the least.
  12. I'd like to request a hotkey option in blend range where pressing and holding the hotkey will give you a grey or red mask showing you exactly what areas are coming through/being affected. This would help it in being more exact and blend range would truly become the new luminosity masking. It's only limitation is that you can't physically see what EXACTLY you're affecting. I get the feeling that blend range wants to be a scalpel, but without this option, it's still a bludgeon. There are workarounds but if it were a hotkey option, it would be so smooth. Also, as I added in a different feature request, changing from master to Red, Green Or Blue should allow you to control not the colour, but the channel, or maybe put in a channel selector so you can choose the blend of say, a blur filter, to only affect the shadows of the red channel and nothing else. Currently if you adjust green and blue down so it is not affecting those pixels at all, it also still affects the red, and quite significantly at that. There is a workaround to that as well: creating grey-scale images of each of the channels and working on them individually and then rebuilding the colour image, but Blend Range is SO CLOSE to achieving this in one simple step.
  13. Hey, Sorry I don't ever get notifications about responses here and I have a hard time remembering to log in to check. It still does it even in the current version (and Beta) except I discovered that it only happens when I've done a large focus merge, a larger stack, or a panorama (of any size). To stop it from happening, I adjust what I need to, export it as a tiff and reopen the exported file, and then I can continue working normally with nothing ill occurring. I have to do the export as soon as is possible, if I work to the point where AP does this to me, I can no longer export the file and have to start from scratch; it only exports a black image when the bug takes hold. I will try turning off hardware acceleration, it's about the only thing I can try.
  14. Older request, but I also +1 this. Where it would be very useful is in reducing noise targeted to specific colour channels with both a NR filter and Guassian Blur filter. I figured it would work just switching to the different channels under master but it doesn't. Say for example I want to affect the red channel only with a blur, and the shadows at that. I create a guassian blur, turn on the red channel preview so I am ONLY seeing red, when I switch to green and blue in the blend range and remove the guassian blur from those channels, it clearly still affects the red and it's as if I never added the adjustment in the first place. Not at all how one would expect the blend range tool to work when working in only one channel: If you choose Red in the blend range, Red should be unaffected by adjusting the blue and green channels. There is a workaround but it takes a lot of time and effort to do: create greyscale representations of each colour channel, apply NR and blur to each one individually and then rebuild the colour, but blend range is SO CLOSE to doing this in one easy step.
  15. Hi there, So this error happened to me several times back in Beta 1.7 but since the release it hasn't done it till now so I figured it was solved. However, my copy is now doing the same thing it was before. When working on a bit larger files (this shot is 600x8500ish px, when I added things like levels and curves and then try and mask those with the erase brush form certain areas, it stops working and gives me a weird readout when resizing the brush. I've attached a video of the problem via dropbox. Thanks! Greg https://www.dropbox.com/s/bbhood09aikt6k6/Screen%20Recording%202019-07-25%20at%201.17.37%20PM.mov?dl=0
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