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  1. Pleased to report that 1.9.2 Astro stacking now works Lights, darks, flats, and Bias used.
  2. astro stack in 1.9.2 still a no go. All other issues solved in 1.9.2 though, in fact it flattens faster than it ever has before!
  3. I haven't tried an astro stack yet, but in 1.9.2 the flatten issue seems to be solved. It's way faster and hasn't crashed yet. Greg
  4. There won't be a usage limit. Free trial is fully operational the length of the trial. Essentially this is what happens to me at the moment and they're looking into it.
  5. Ah, I thought it might be hidden and was looking for a way to unhide it. Affinity Photo_2021-03-22-142822_Murrays-MacBook-Pro.crash Affinity Photo_2021-03-26-082216_Murrays-MacBook-Pro.crash
  6. This is the only thing in there (created today from when I just tried this again) that is remotely close. Nothing ending in "Crash" I will get it to generate the error and copy/paste the text into a bean document and save that. Affinity Photo_2021-03-26-075216_Murrays-MacBook-Pro.wakeups_resource.diag
  7. Hey, I've been hunting for that crash report for a while now trying to post it here. thanks for the location! Yeah, live filter layers have always taken a a longer time to flatten or merge on my computer. I usually left it to one at a time because if I did more than that, it'd take forever and the fan would go crazy. I am wanting to upgrade soon, but with finances tight it'll be hard to convince my wife it's necessary. This is one of the reasons I haven't submitted any of my recent snowflakes and such for any of your artist features: I literally can't complete an edit with all the layers intact, it simply wouldn't flatten at the end for me to export. And I usually have to flatten to export, or it won't do it. I do have a work around at the moment: Merge Down works just fine with the live filter layers. Merge Visible causes the same crash as flatten when I am using a live filter layer. Flatten works fine if it's anything other than a live filter layer. Affinity Photo_4257B8EC-1358-5A29-A3CF-ACDBAB3FE3B8.plist
  8. A link to a screenshot video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejy28qaz8985bx5/2021-03-25 13-43-15.mp4?dl=0
  9. Hey here is a file it does it on. I literally don't do anyhting else other than open the file, add a NR layer with a quick slider drag and then "Dcoument-Flatten" and it crashes the entire program once it is complete: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3eil33f9tve44pu/Blue-Blend.tiff?dl=0
  10. I'll dig around to duplicate this, as it seems to be a very specific set of circumstances and then try to send the file.
  11. Boy, you guys really messed up on this release. 1.9.1 is even worse. I am trying to flatten or merge a simple NR with a mask applied and the program crashes and closes just as it finishes. It doesn't matter which operation I choose, it just quits.
  12. Here you go. upload form the phone worked. Not sure why DropBox does this from my computer, it's the only service that times out. I've uploaded large videos to YouTube and while it took a long time, they still uploaded. DropBox is annoying. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xzhqm1he6df0p56/AAAOkw5xes5-Mv0I_fDxJPina?dl=0
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