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  1. +1 for idml export... being somewhat compatible with indesign/ the ability to exchange editable poject files would be great.
  2. @Fixx sry, i must have overlooked that he uses a Mac ... a good Alternative for OSX might be PDFelement by wondershare ... you'd need the Pro-Licence though to create and edit forms ... I haven't used it myself (just heard about it), but theres a free trial that might be worth a look ... seems like it has some nice functionality with the forms ... I should take a better look at that myself
  3. right now I'm using Nitro as an alternative to Acrobat ... I got it on Sale for ~100$ so it doesn't come cheap, but definitely cheaper than Adobe Subscription just for Acrobat... I haven't done much Form-Editing (especially non complex) with it, but it's imho no more or less painful than Acrobat ... best you try it for yourself (free Trial) btw. I'd really love to see that as a feature in Publisher...
  4. +1 @AndyQ is right, it's extremely painful to work with Acrobat to create Forms - Please Serif make my life easier - sad there seem to be not that many people gasping for that feature...
  5. thanks for the info ... that feature will help Publisher to be more of a competitor and is the reason some people have not made the switch yet... more so if they also implement idml export somewhere in the near future
  6. I‘d like to give this topic a push because idml-support is also on my list of the most wanted features. Is there any update on this? any progress? Even more important for me would be a feature that would make it possible to create fillable PDFs forms in Publisher. (No DP-Software i know of does that just right and compfortable and so it could be one killer feature)
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