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  1. Some print services require you to Export each page to a separate file (Mixam). It would be nice to have this in the export options. Export each page to a Folder as a separate file. The only way to do this at the moment is to Export and select each page one at a time. Which is very time consuming. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. Hi I am getting my head around Affinity Publisher. Which I am loving! I have a Zine with 32 pages (sides). The Print service I am using is asking for 32 separate Press Ready PDFs. I can export a single file with separate pages easily enough and select individual pages to Export one at a time (which is obviously time consuming). Is there a way to Export the whole project as 32 separate files/pages in one go? Thanks, for your help. Martin
  3. Also in Affinity Photo when starting a new document the resolution options are dpi. This box sets image size so should refer to ppi.
  4. That should be done in the print options menu. It is simply confusing to have it here and wrong it refers to ppi and not dpi. This dialogue box is for image output (not print). It defaults to 72 dots per inch....think about it, it would look pretty bad!
  5. I may have missed it but is there a way to default to Lanczos 3 (non-seperable) resampling? It seems strange that a high quality image editing program defaults to a resampling method that is not optimum for photographs (Nearest Neighbour).
  6. I have to say that Affinity shoots itself in the foot as a serious editing tool by using DPI in the 'resize document' box rather than the correct PPI.
  7. Why in the Document resize window is the resolution referred to as DPI, when it should be PPI DPI is Dots per inch, which is a measurement of PRINT resolution. PPI is Pixels per inch is image resolution and what it should be. This is a fundamental error. For credibility reasons this needs to be changed.
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