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  1. + 1 for exporting IDML. Currently facing a project where I would need to give the client IDML files. I will probably have to revert into CS5 for this.
  2. A lot of crashing with 1.8...but yes, I noticed it happened while choosing / typing a font in the font list
  3. Just wanted to write and extend a massive thank-you for the folks at Serif for their excellent software. I made the full move away from the other guys 4 months ago. Risky...as it's suggested that Publisher not be used full time while it's in beta. I'd like to say that I've been using all 3 every day...and I'm currently working on election campaign material here in Eastern Canada. I would say with 99% success. There are a couple of small things...and perhaps when I have time to breathe I'll write another post. This is just to give a massive thank you to Serif. Cheers
  4. Sorry for the duplication. Thanks for your reply.
  5. As a work-around to the inability to shuffle spreads ( x2 3 letter pages side by side), I've created a long 25.5" x 11" page. The problem is when i need to present the actual individual pages to a client, I need show it on single letter sheets. To accomplish this, I've imported the long 25.5" pages and masked them on 6 individual sheets. (see attached). I actually used to do this a lot in InDesign. Linking the working ID files into other ID files. But when I went to update the linked Publisher file in this "layout" file, the position of the pages didn't keep. I kind of got it to work if I went page by page individually in the resource manager. That worked about 90% of the time. Sometimes on the second relink try. I know this sounds confusion. Hopefully my image attachments will help explain the situation.
  6. Yes, this is the case. I apologize that it's a Publisher project...but it's an overall Affinity issue (It also happens in Designer).
  7. Old topic, but I'm just wondering if a fix is being worked on? While I don't use Chartwell often, I'm migrating a project that has it. Unfortunately it seems I have to make the changes in CS5 and convert to paths and bring it over to Publisher
  8. Hi Mike. Thanks for pointing out this thread. I've turned that preference off as a work around, while it's looked into. Still an amazing app.
  9. Hi. Not sure if this has been mentioned...but I've noticed it since the most recent update ( I'll get random capitalization of words while typing. Almost like an auto correct after a period. I've attached an example.
  10. Just chiming in to say thanks for the updates. I've slowly been migrating my workflow to Affinity over the last 2 months, and Publisher was thing I needed to leave "the other guys". Great work folks.
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