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  1. Just wanted to write and extend a massive thank-you for the folks at Serif for their excellent software. I made the full move away from the other guys 4 months ago. Risky...as it's suggested that Publisher not be used full time while it's in beta. I'd like to say that I've been using all 3 every day...and I'm currently working on election campaign material here in Eastern Canada. I would say with 99% success. There are a couple of small things...and perhaps when I have time to breathe I'll write another post. This is just to give a massive thank you to Serif. Cheers
  2. jaycanuck74

    Relinking issue

    Thank-you for your concern
  3. jaycanuck74

    Relinking issue

    Sorry for the duplication. Thanks for your reply.
  4. jaycanuck74

    Relinking issue

    As a work-around to the inability to shuffle spreads ( x2 3 letter pages side by side), I've created a long 25.5" x 11" page. The problem is when i need to present the actual individual pages to a client, I need show it on single letter sheets. To accomplish this, I've imported the long 25.5" pages and masked them on 6 individual sheets. (see attached). I actually used to do this a lot in InDesign. Linking the working ID files into other ID files. But when I went to update the linked Publisher file in this "layout" file, the position of the pages didn't keep. I kind of got it to work if I went page by page individually in the resource manager. That worked about 90% of the time. Sometimes on the second relink try. I know this sounds confusion. Hopefully my image attachments will help explain the situation.
  5. Yes, this is the case. I apologize that it's a Publisher project...but it's an overall Affinity issue (It also happens in Designer).
  6. Old topic, but I'm just wondering if a fix is being worked on? While I don't use Chartwell often, I'm migrating a project that has it. Unfortunately it seems I have to make the changes in CS5 and convert to paths and bring it over to Publisher
  7. Thanks for all your work!
  8. jaycanuck74

    a Weird typing bug I Encountered in .221

    Hi Mike. Thanks for pointing out this thread. I've turned that preference off as a work around, while it's looked into. Still an amazing app.
  9. Hi. Not sure if this has been mentioned...but I've noticed it since the most recent update ( I'll get random capitalization of words while typing. Almost like an auto correct after a period. I've attached an example.
  10. Just chiming in to say thanks for the updates. I've slowly been migrating my workflow to Affinity over the last 2 months, and Publisher was thing I needed to leave "the other guys". Great work folks.