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Batch layer rename/find replace + layer name shortcut

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I know to some this may seem to be going too deep, but one feature that would be tremendously helpful in Affinity Designer for UI work is the ability to rename multiple layers or find and replace in a selection of multiple layers. When creating a lot of different similar layers, it's great to make a selection and be able to add or change a folder prefix, for instance. Adding the ability to create a shortcut for renaming a current layer also helps make things just a bit faster in heavy workflows. I use these in plugin form elsewhere and it saves tons of time.

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I'll add my vote to batch renaming layers.



I often have layers like:
















Having to do this in one file is ok, but at the moment I'm working on a yearly batch of interactive projects for which I get hundreds of files I have to prepare for incorporating into the projects.


Setting a base name and renaming all layers in one go would be a massive time saver. Sequential naming even better. A bit like having "a better finder rename" inside designer.  You could indeed use an external app and rename after exporting but that becomes a nightmare if you have to go back and change something to re-export.







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