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  1. basically need a version of this PS extension, is invaluable especially when preparing assets for animation: Renamy
  2. Thanks again. Think I'm doing all I can now. Shame you can't set a custom export in the defaults drop down. Your tips have helped, though. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the reply. So yes I can set the Export preset to mine and that stops me having to copy and paste, thanks for that. It does seem that each time I create a new slice the 'export preset' reverts to Single PNG-24 is there a way to keep this as my custom export? Cheers
  4. Hi, I've figured out how to make a custom export and I can use the 'copy' and 'paste' buttons in the slices panel to apply this to a new slice. What I'm wondering, is there a way to make my settings the default for new slices I create within my document? I seem to have to 'create slice' then copy my settings onto this slice. I'd like my settings to be applied automatically when I click on 'Create Slice'. My custom export is simply a reduction of size by 50% which is not a built-in option. Thanks.
  5. Hi thanks for having a look. I've made a zip with an Affinity file. In it is a rectangle, converted into a symbol, dragged to the stage and then exported If you open the TexturePacker file you'll see the slices aren't identical and therefore take up more room in the sprite sheet. If you zoom into the exported image you can see the edges are different. I would expect these to be considered a single image as they have all come from the same symbol. Thanks tp_test_2.zip
  6. Also noticed if 'reopen document on startup' is not checked then you get the error. Maybe if you rename/delete a file this is unchecked which then prevents you from opening the app. To get round this you have to open via a document and then go to edit->preferences->general and recheck this feature.
  7. Hi I have seen this code as well (Code 0x80004003). It happens for me if I start the program after renaming or deleting the afdesign fiile. I got round it by opening the app via an afdesign or psd (right click open with Affinity). Once I had done that everything was back to normal It looks like the app want's to open the last file and crashes if it isn't there. @Songbird can you open a file via rightclick? If not there must be a few ways to get this error.
  8. Ok final test all the images are now set with x/y as whole numbers, they are all bottom aligned. I then click on the layer and 'create splice' As you can now see most of the images are considered identical but there is still something going on with the 'create slice' which is causing some of the images to be different from the others.
  9. Hi done some further digging and have found the following. If I turn on "move by whole pixels" and make sure the image is a whole number the exported pngs are considered identical.
  10. Hi normally any duplicate sprite is recognised in texture packer and only included on the sprite sheet once. If I create a symbol in Affinity and duplicate it or simply create a shape and copy it, then set the layer as a splice I get what look like identical png's. If I open all the png's in texture packer they are not considered identical. This screen shot if from texture packer, the square was copied by alt-drag then the layer set as a slice. As you can see the square is present twice in the sprite sheet so not identical somehow. If I manually copy the square in the file system yo
  11. Hi I found your program today and from what I've seen so far wow - this is exactly what I've been looking for and I will start to use it straight away. Don't think I even need the 10 days to decide, I'm sold already! Is it possible to write custom exporters? If not can I request a feature for the spine2d export. Basically the way it works at the moment is spot on, so easy to export images, and I love how the splices work. One thing I'd love (which is how I currently do it with a custom jsf script from photoshop) is the ability to pass on the groupings you have set up in Affinity.
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