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  1. This shape, but without using double star so I can use an odd number of points:
  2. That's a different shape because it's a smooth curve. It's just I've once wanted to use the star tool farther than the straight edge and I think there's no good reason it shouldn't be possible
  3. It's frustrating to have to select a point to show the handles: I don't have any reason to have any handles hidden, and if I press ctrl-a to select every point so that every handle is shown, then if I want to move a point I have to click click-drag when I want to move any point without moving all the other points.
  4. With the double star, you can move both inner radius and point radius to 100%, whereas the star tool's inner radius is clamped to be no farther out than the straight edge (the percent depends on how many points there are) I would like to be able to make shapes like the one on the left, which works because it uses double star, but without being limited to multiples of 2.
  5. The expanded/collapsed state of a layer/group should save. It's annoying to expand many nested layers when reopening a file, especially when the layer is a mask:
  6. I frequently have objects with different parents which should always transform together, for example I can have an Erase object which cuts a certain layer and reveals itself underneath, something like this (but generally much more complicated): They are separated so I can export the layers individually. It would be good if I could save a selection of objects (whose relative positions, rotations, and sizes should always be maintained), similar to how snapshots or symbols are created. Then if I want to move them all I can easily select them all, by selecting the selection group.
  7. When I open that file it does show 300 but if I try to change the count then it's clamped My version is windows I did download it as a trial version and then paid for it, if that would make a difference.
  8. But that just seems silly, why should serif give arbitrary artistic limitations? I know that at a certain point it would become very slow and probably have numerical errors, but then the limit should be something like 1000 or something. We're not kids, we can handle ourselves... Some day even the double star tool won't have enough points for me. Also, the cog tool doesn't have a limit, and that tool is more complex than the star tool, so there really shouldn't ever be a limit.
  9. For example with the star tool, the point count is locked to 48. Is it possible to disable these restrictions? It seems some parameters' range is a "recommendation", such as the gaussian blur size where you can type whatever you want, but would I need to do some kind of hack if I want to have a star with 49+ points?
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