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  1. The node/move tool usually show a "procedural" shape's generation settings (as well as fill, stroke, etc.) in the context toolbar, but it doesn't when it is a mask. Only "curves" shapes display properly in the context toolbar when used as a mask. In the example: select the node or move tool select Triangle A and look at the context toolbar, then select Triangle B and look at the context toolbar. There is a lot of missing information, for example "Top point" But if you select one of the shape tools, it will show these settings properly. Context Toolbar Shape Bug.afdesign
  2. It seems that dragging a symbol into a clone of itself is possible when it's a nested symbol (a symbol inside a symbol). This leads to a crash Drag the child symbol of one of the symbols to be the sibling (drop it underneath) of the parent's clone's child (the clone of itself in the other parent). Crash Bug 2.afdesign
  3. Adding a mask to a layer/group will multiply the end result's opacity by itself, since the mask inherits the opacity; so a 50% opacity layer/group will look like 25% opacity if a mask is added. In the attached file, the right layer and group are given a mask, and as such they look half as opaque as on the left (because 50% * 50% = 25%). (And the more masks you add, the less opaque it will end up being (so long as the opacity is not 100%), because each of them will inherit the opacity) Alpha Bug.afdesign
  4. A group containing 2 objects with erase blend mode, changing/hovering over some of the blend mode options for only one of them will cause designer to crash Select one of the circles in the group. Try to change the blend mode to "normal". It does work to change them both to something like "normal", and then change one of them back to erase. But changing one of them when both of them are erase will crash. Crash Bug.afdesign
  5. I frequently have objects with different parents which should always transform together, for example I can have an Erase object which cuts a certain layer and reveals itself underneath, something like this (but generally much more complicated): They are separated so I can export the layers individually. It would be good if I could save a selection of objects (whose relative positions, rotations, and sizes should always be maintained), similar to how snapshots or symbols are created. Then if I want to move them all I can easily select them all, by selecting the selection group.
  6. For one, it's a visible problem before even exporting. The problem shown in the main window and in the "background" (whole canvas) export is correct, but the icons the rest of the place is how it looks on exporting the individual layers: broken.
  7. Try exporting this file, it won't remap at all. Only when the alpha is remapped below 0 does it do anything, but it's still wrong. Alpha Curves Problem.afdesign
  8. A lot of the blend modes work terribly with alpha, which can make edges look awful Make sure to view the file with "pixel view mode" enabled. It shows a couple of the blend modes and how they make edges look bad. I'm guessing this is because the blend modes work on premultiplied color rgb? They shouldn't, especially for the sake of edges. Blend Mode Problem.afdesign
  9. When I open that file it does show 300 but if I try to change the count then it's clamped My version is windows I did download it as a trial version and then paid for it, if that would make a difference.
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