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  1. This shape, but without using double star so I can use an odd number of points:
  2. That's a different shape because it's a smooth curve. It's just I've once wanted to use the star tool farther than the straight edge and I think there's no good reason it shouldn't be possible
  3. Masks can't snap to their parent, the masked layer. In the attached file, in the layer "Problem Here" there is an ellipse as mask; it's not possible to snap this ellipse to the rectangle it's masking. Snapping Problem.afdesign
  4. It's frustrating to have to select a point to show the handles: I don't have any reason to have any handles hidden, and if I press ctrl-a to select every point so that every handle is shown, then if I want to move a point I have to click click-drag when I want to move any point without moving all the other points.
  5. With the double star, you can move both inner radius and point radius to 100%, whereas the star tool's inner radius is clamped to be no farther out than the straight edge (the percent depends on how many points there are) I would like to be able to make shapes like the one on the left, which works because it uses double star, but without being limited to multiples of 2.
  6. The expanded/collapsed state of a layer/group should save. It's annoying to expand many nested layers when reopening a file, especially when the layer is a mask:
  7. When a group/layer with children is used as a mask, it doesn't have a button to expand/collapse, so I have to right click on it, scroll, and press "Expand Selection" Bug.afdesign
  8. When setting up a bitmap fill, you can rotate and scale it, and when replacing the image (especially if you modified the fill image and want to update it in designer) it remembers most of that, except the aspect ratio gets reset. It seems this is done because it sets the aspect ratio to the aspect ratio of the image, but preferably it would instead set the aspect ratio as: newFillAspectRatio = (previousFillAspectRatio / previousImageAspectRatio) * newImageAspectRatio so that it remembers how you stretched the texture.
  9. Create a shape such as a rectangle Convert it to curves Turn it into a symbol Select the shape inside the symbol in the layers panel Select the node tool, with [A] Click on an edge to insert a point in the shape. It will fail to do so, selecting one of the existing points instead. Undo. Depending on which edge you inserted the point into, it will either remove one of the original points, and create a desync from the symbol (the dashed orange line in the layers) even with sync enabled, or crash the program (probably by trying to remove an out of bounds point index, because it thought a point was added but it wasn't).
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