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  1. Yeah, @Steffenvy I tried in Affinity Designer, and it is indeed broken! I loaded my old project and, and it was easy to repro the freeze problem. Unfortunately I can't remember if the issue was resolved, or I if I somehow managed work around the problem... But it is definitely a problem now.
  2. I'm also using Designer (and also have Photo and Publisher) and wondered the same thing about the baseline grid snapping option I created a new document in Publisher 1.7.2 with some text frames, using baseline snapping option, and display baseline grid enabled. When using "Open file with Designer" the baseline grid still works when moving the text frames around (and the baseline grid is also visible also in Designer) - but like Walt says, the baseline grid cannot be modified as there's no Baseline Grid manager in Designer. So I guess you'll need Publisher for configuring a baseline grid, and then you can switch back and forth between the tools that all have their own special purpose.
  3. I would like to be able to display the active document filename in the main Affinity Designer window title property (it shows "Affinity Designer" by default). Why? Well, to be able to get the time spent on a particular document using tracking software. I'm using Manic Time which extracts the application / document name from the active window title . This is useful when you want to know when and how long you've spent time on particular document, when doing client work. By default in Affinity Designer the document name is not displayed in the main window title, but on the "docked" windows but unfortunately not visible. Another approach not requiring third party tracking software would be to add document time tracking within Affinity Designer, similar to Microsoft Word where statistics for the document can be displayed using the Info button where the Total Editing Time can be displayed. Workaround - using floating window I found that it is possible to display document name when using floating window document), then the floating window can be tracked. But It's a bit messy to resize the window, screen real estate is not used that efficiently, and also it's easy to "dock" the window by mistake (which hides the document name again). An idea to add an option for displaying document name in the settings like this: General / Display active document name in main window title
  4. Great! I uploaded my .affinity file, and also the crash dumpfile I created (7zip compressed). I also attached a debugger (Visual Studio 2019) to the Designer.exe process, to see if I could see something interesting happened when running the mouse wheel to provoke the freeze, and I noticed that the GC was running quite intense just before the Designer UI stopped responding. After this I paused the execution and created the dump file I uploaded to the Dropbox.
  5. I have about 90-80 slices in my project (It's and Android app) , and each slice is exported to a number of files (PNG and SVG). When using my mouse wheel scrolling up and down, folding and unfolding my slice to check that the export looks ok Designer freezes. 1. I first created a "master" export setup manually, exporting one SVG file and a number of PNG files in various resolutions to target all DPI:s 2. I used the "copy export format setup to clipboard" 3. I marked all my other slices (except the top one) 4. I used the "Add export format setup from clipboard", so all my slices is exported in the same manner (keeping the slice name unique) 5. Using mouse wheel in the Slices area up and down 6. Unfolded a few of the slices and rolled the mouse wheel up and down fairly quickly 7. Designer freezes, boom. It recovered my file when I restarted though (phew) I also created a crash dump file of the Designer process was frozen and ran it through DebugDiag Crash Analyzer, the report is attached. I suppose I could send my file to the developers if that helps reproducing the freeze, but I rather not post it on the forum Video capture Sometimes the slices are not redrawn properly in the UI, not sure how to recreate this - but here's what it looks like: Video clip with the error . Designer_MultipleRules.mht
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